ISCAS 2018
Slides Capture

VV 1.8
Highly Energy-Efficient Processing and Machine Learning for Sensor Data Sensemaking: Building the Next- Generation Internet of Things
Highly Energy-Efficient Processing and Machine Learning for Sensor Data Sensemaking: Building the Next- Generation Internet of Things
Massimo Alioto
Smart Circuit and System Solutions for Autonomous/Connected Vehicles
Smart Circuit and System Solutions for Autonomous/Connected Vehicles
Sergio Saponara
VV 1.3
Automotive Systems IP and Design Methods
Automotive Systems IP and Design Methods
Thomas Wong
Automotive Systems IP and Design Methods
Antonino Armato
Automotive Systems IP and Design Methods
Anthony Hill
Data-Driven Healthcare: Applications to Neurology, Psychiatry and Opthalmology
Data-Driven Healthcare: Applications to Neurology, Psychiatry and Opthalmology
Keshab K. Parhi
VV 1.4
Wideband Beamforming for Next-Generation Wireless Communication Systems
Wideband Beamforming for Next-Generation Wireless Communication Systems
Wei Liu
SDE Concept: A Revolutionary New Approach for Researching, Building and Teaching of ICT Systems
SDE Concept: A Revolutionary New Approach for Researching, Building and Teaching of ICT Systems
Géza Kolumbán
VV 2.3
Low-power Adaptive Neuromorphic Systems: Device, Circuits, Algorithms and Architectures
Low-power Adaptive Neuromorphic Systems: Device, Circuits, Algorithms and Architectures
Arindam Basu
Design for Low-Power Internet-of-Things (IoT) Systems
Design for Low-Power Internet-of-Things (IoT) Systems
Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya
Francesca Palumbo
Francesca Palumbo
Jarmo Takala
Jarmo Takala
Marilyn Wolf
Marilyn Wolf
VV 2.2
Deep Learning - From Theory to Practice
Deep Learning - From Theory to Practice
Lawrence Hall
Deep Learning and Neuromorphic Computing – Technology, Hardware and Implementation
Deep Learning and Neuromorphic Computing – Technology, Hardware and Implementation
Hai Li
Deep Learning and Neuromorphic Computing – Technology, Hardware and Implementation
Hai Li
Deep Learning and Neuromorphic Computing – Technology, Hardware and Implementation, file 1
Garrett S. Rose
Deep Learning and Neuromorphic Computing – Technology, Hardware and Implementation file 2
Garrett S. Rose
Deep Learning and Neuromorphic Computing – Technology, Hardware and Implementation
Kaushik Roy
VV 1.5
Error-Correcting Decoder Design for Next-Generation Memories: From Theory to Practice
Error-Correcting Decoder Design for Next-Generation Memories: From Theory to Practice
Xinmiao Zhang, Hsie-Chia Chang
VV G.4
From Emerging Applications, the Quest for Asynchronous Circuits and Systems
From Emerging Applications, the Quest for Asynchronous Circuits and Systems
Davide Bertozzi, Steven M. Nowick, Milos Krstic, Giacomo Indiveri, Jean-Frédéric Christmann, Andrey Mokhov, Jens Sparsø
From Emerging Applications, the Quest for Asynchronous Circuits and Systems
Milos Krstic
Neuromorphic Asynchronous Computing Circuits and Systems
Giacomo Indiveri
From Emerging Applications, the Quest for Asynchronous Circuits and Systems
Jens Sparsø
Interfaces Between Digital and Analog/Mixed-Signal Domains
Andrey Mokhov
Analog Mixed-Signal Circuit Design with Memristors
Analog Mixed-Signal Circuit Design with Memristors
Shahar Kvatinsky
VV G.3
Phase-Locked Freq. Synthesis & Modulation
Phase-Locked Freq. Synthesis & Modulation
Woogeun Rhee
Room: VV G.3 Compressed Sensing: Theory, Applications and Implementation of Sensing Nodes for the Internet of Things
Compressed Sensing: Theory, Applications and Implementation of Sensing Nodes for the Internet of Things
Mauro Mangia, Fabio Pareschi
VV 2.1
Hybrid ADCs: Practical Design Considerations and Examples part 1
Hybrid ADCs: Practical Design Considerations and Examples
Seng-Pan (Ben) U, Nan Sun
Yan (Julia)
Yan (Julia) Zhu
Hybrid ADCs: Practical Design Considerations and Examples part 2
Hybrid ADCs: Practical Design Considerations and Examples part 2
Seng-Pan (Ben) U, Yan (Julia) Zhu, Nan Sun
VV G.5
Introduction to Machine Learning and Inference for Circuit and System Designers part 1
Introduction to Machine Learning and Inference for Circuit and System Designers
Boris Murmann, Naveen Verma, Vivienne Sze
Introduction to Machine Learning and Inference for Circuit and System Designers part 2
Introduction to Machine Learning and Inference for Circuit and System Designers part 2
Boris Murmann, Naveen Verma, Vivienne Sze
ISCAS 2018 Opening Ceremony
ISCAS 2018 Opening Ceremony
Gianluca Setti, Franco Maloberti, Yong Lian, Enrico Macii
Innovation Without Boundaries
David H. Robertson
VV 1.8
VV 2.3
Modelling, Dynamics & Control of Energy Grids & Systems
Time Window Selection via Online Risk Assessment for Power Distribution System Analysis
Thomas Halpin, Nicholas Coleman, Karen Miu
Non-Recursive System Identification and Fault Detection in LVDC and ELVDC Grids
Rudolf Rabenstein, Christian Strobl, Maximilian Schäfer
Voltage Regulation with Power Curtailment in a Single-Phase Grid-Connected PV Inverter
Domingo Biel, Jacquelien M.A. Scherpen
An Evaluation of Transmission Line Models Incorporating Longitudinal Temperature Variations
Chris Braun, Mahbubur Rahman, Valentina Cecchi
Accurately Forecasting the Health of Energy System Assets
Wenshuo Tang, Merlinda Andoni, Valentin Robu, David Flynn
Modelling, Dynamics & Control of Power Converters I
Modified Pulse Train Control Based Parallel Connected Buck Converters
Dongsheng Yu, Yisen Geng, He Cheng, Herbert Ho-ChingIu, Tyrone Fernando
Nonlinear Modeling and Voltage-Mode Control of DCDC Boost Converter for CCM
Alberto Reatti, Humam Al-Baidhani, Marian K. Kazimierczuk
Efficiency Model of Fully-Integrated Boost DC-DC Converters
Ahmed H. Shaltout, Mark Lipski, Stefano Gregori
ontinuous-Time Modeling of Hysteretic DC-DC Converters in CCM
Tomohiro Isono, Ning Li, Yasuhiro Sugimoto
Duty Cycle and Input-to-Output Voltage Transfer Functions of Tapped-Inductor Buck DC-DC Converter
Alberto Reatti, Dalvir Saini, Ankit Chadha, Agasthya Ayachit, Marian K. Kazimierczuk
Modelling, Dynamics & Control of Power Converters II
Power-Loss and Design Space Analyses for Fully- Integrated Switched-Mode DC-DC Converters
Yin Sun, Victor Adrian, Joseph S. Chang
An Air-Core Coupled-Inductor Based Dual-Phase Output Stage for Point-of-Load Converters
Yong Qu, Wei Shu, Joseph Sylvester Chang
A Study of Three-Phase DC-DC Boost Converters
Gerry Moschopoulos, Adel Ali Abosnina
Fast Charging System Based on Charging Current Dynamic Adjustment Method
Ximeng Guan, Jilong Guo, Qiming Guo, Xinghui Liu, Jiahao Kang, Bihua Yang, Jun Xie, Jiasong Sun, Ze Yuan, Xiang Zou, Peng Wei, Xiaojun Yu, Zihong Liu
nalytical Study of Multi-Stage Switched-Capacitor Voltage Boost Converter for Ultra-Low Voltage Energy Harvesting
Yuichiro Nakazawa, Tetsuya Hirose, Toshihiro Ozaki, Yuto Tsuji, Shuto Kanzaki, Hiroki Asano, Nobutaka Kuroki, Masahiro Numa
Analysis of Power & Energy Systems
Obtaining Partial Solutions for Divergent State Estimation Problems in Large Power Systems
Ali Abur, Pengxiang Ren
Versatile Framework for Power Delivery Exploration
Eby G. Friedman, Rassul Bairamkulov, Kan Xu, Mikhail Popovich, Juan Ochoa, Vaishnav Srinivas
On-Line Voltage Stability Monitoring
Costas Vournas, Panagiotis Mandoulidis
A 20MHz Low Dropout Controlled Current Sensor for Constant on-Time Based Envelop Tacking Supply Modulator for Radio Frequency Power Amplifier
Ke-Horng Chen, Wei-Ting Lin, Zong-Yi Lin, Chia-Hao Liu, Ying-Hsi Lin, Jian-Ru Lin, Tsung-Yen Tsai
A High-Efficiency Ultra-Low-Power CMOS Rectifier for RF Energy Harvesting Applications
Rafael Luciano Radin, Seyed Mohammad Noghabaei, Yvon Savaria, Mohamad Sawan
VV 2.2
Beyond Silicon Computation
Analog Abstraction, Computation, and Numerical Analysis
Jennifer Hasler
Coming Up N3XT, After 2D Scaling of Si CMOS
William Hwang, Weier Wan, Subhasish Mitra, H.-S. Philip Wong
Computing with Coupled Oscillators: Theory, Devices, and Applications
Wolfgang Porod, Gyorgy Csaba, Arijit Raychowdhury, Suman Datta
Feature Extraction and Analysis Using Memristor Networks
Fuxi Cai, Wei Lu
An EMG Gesture Recognition System with Flexible High-Density Sensors and Brain-Inspired High- Dimensional Classifier
Ali Moin, Andy Zhou, Abbas Rahimi, Simone Benatti, Alisha Menon, Senam Tamakloe, Jonathan Ting, Natasha Yamamoto, Yasser Khan, Fred Burghardt, Luca Benini, Ana Arias, Jan Rabaey
Memristors for Ubiquitous Computing Environments I
Mem-Adaptive Computing – Part I: Theory
Alon Ascoli, Dominik Baumann, Ronald Tetzlaff, Leon Chua, Manfred Hild
Mem-Adaptive Computing – Part II: Circuit Design
Alon Ascoli, Dominik Baumann, Ronald Tetzlaff, Leon Chua, Manfred Hild
Large Memristor Crossbars for Analog Computing
Qiangfei Xia, Can Li, Yunning Li, Hao Jiang, Wenhao Song, Peng Lin, Zhongrui Wang, J. Joshua Yang, Ning Ge, Miao Hu, Eric Montgomery, Jiaming Zhang, Moraica Dávila, Catherine Graves, Zhiyong Li, John PaulStrac
Unconventional Computing with Diffusive Memristors
Qiangfei Xia, Zhongrui Wang, Rivu Midya, Saumil Joshi, Hao Jiang, Can Li, Peng Lin, Wenhao Song, Mingyi Rao, Yunning Li, Mark Barnell, Qing Wu, J. Joshua Yang
Processing Big-Data with Memristive Technologies: Splitting the Hyperplane Efficiently
Alexantrou Serb, Georgios Papandroulidakis, Ali Khiat, Themis Prodromakis
Memristors for Ubiquitous Computing Environments II
Flux–Charge Description of Circuits with Non– Volatile Switching Memristor Devices
Fernando Corinto, Marco Gilli, Mauro Forti
Design and Implementation of Passive Memristor Emulators Using a Charge-Flux Approach
Rodrigo Picos, Mohamad Moner Al Chawa, Carol de Benito, Miquel Roca, Stavros G. Stavrinides
Chua Mem-Components for Adaptive RF Metamaterials
Julius Georgiou, Kypros Kossifos, Marco Antoniades, Ayoub Jaafar, Neil Kemp
Requirements and Challenges for Modelling Redox- Based Memristive Devices
Stephan Menzel, Anne Siemon, Alon Ascoli, Ronald Tetzlaff
Small Area and Low Power Hybrid CMOS-Memristor Based FIFO for NoC
Ahmed G. Radwan, Mohamed E. Elbtity
Memristors for Ubiquitous Computing Environments III
Role of Diversity in Taming Chaos in Driven Memristive Arrays
Arturo Buscarino, Claudia Corradino, Luigi Fortuna, Leon Chua
Resistive Switching Synapses for Unsupervised Learning in Feed-Forward and Recurrent Neural Networks
Daniele Ielmini, Valerio Milo, Giacomo Pedretti, Mario Laudato, Alessandro Bricalli, Elia Ambrosi, Stefano Bianchi, Elisabetta Chicca
Mixed-Precision Architecture Based on Computational Memory for Training Deep Neural Networks
S. R. Nandakumar, Manuel Le Gallo, Irem Boybat, Bipin Rajendran, Abu Sebastian, Evangelos Eleftheriou
Efficient Algorithms for in-Memory Fixed Point Multiplication Using MAGIC
Ameer Haj-Ali, Rotem Ben-Hur, Nimrod Wald, Shahar Kvatinsky
Portable Memristive Biosensing System As Effective Point-of-Care Device for Cancer Diagnostics
Ioulia Tzouvadaki, Abuduwaili Tuoheti, Giovanni DeMicheli, Danilo Demarchi, Sandro Carrara
VV 2.1
Biometrics & Biosignal Processing Circuits & Systems I
BiometricNet: Deep Learning Based Biometric Identification Using Wrist-Worn PPG
Dwaipayan Biswas, Luke Everson, Madhuri Panwar, Dimitrios Rodopoulos, Amit Acharyya, Chris H. Kim, ChrisVan Hoof, Mario Konijnenburg, Nick Van Helleputte
A Novel System and Statistical Analysis for Predicting Defibrillation Timing During Ventricular Fibrillation
Shang-Ho Tsai, Min-Shan Tsai, Yu-Chen Fan Jiang
Activity Recognition in Wearable ECG Monitoring Aided by Accelerometer Data
Hanjun Jiang, Juzheng Liu, Jing Chen, Wen Jia, Qingliang Lin, Zhihua Wang
Resource Efficient Pre-Processor for Drift Removal in Neurochemical Signals
Khalid Mirza, Tahmid Ahmed, Konstantin Nikolic
Portable Photoacoustic System for Noninvasive Blood Temperature Measurement
Siyu Liu, Xiaohua Feng, Ruochong Zhang, Yuanjin Zheng
Biometrics & Biosignal Processing Circuits & Systems II
Weighted Hybrid Fusion for Multimodal Biometric Recognition System
Waziha Kabir, M. Omair Ahmad, M.N.S. Swamy
Architectures for Intraoperative Image Fusion in Brain Surgery
Jan Müller, Jens Müller, Benjamin Koch, Ronald Tetzlaff
Implementation of Structural Synchrony and Linear Measures of Brain Network Connectivity for Real-Time State Estimation
Zhaohao Wang, Zheng Li, Scott Kerick, Ryan Robucci, Justin Brooks, Javier Garcia, Nilanjan Banerjee
A Real-Time Wearable FPGA-Based Seizure Detection Processor Using MCMC
Lahir Marni, Morteza Hosseini, Jennifer Hopp, Pedram Mohseni, Tinoosh Mohsenin
Reconfigurable Voltage/Current Readout Instrumentation Amplifier for Cardiovascular Health Monitoring
Jongpal Kim, Hyungho Ko
Modeling & Control of Networked Systems: Perspectives & Methodologies I
An Information-Theoretic Approach to Study Activity Driven Networks
Alessandro Rizzo, Christian Bongiorno, Maurizio Porfiri
Fully-Distributed Finite-Time Consensus of Second- Order Multi-Agent Systems on a Directed Network
Yongxiang Xia, He Wang, Wenwu Yu, Lingling Yao, Guanrong Chen
A Consensus Policy for Heterogeneous Opinion Dynamics
Francesco Vasca, Raffaele Iervolino, Domenico Tangredi
Enhancing Pinning Controllability of Complex Networks of Coupled Maps
Pietro DeLellis, Ricardo Cardona Rivera, Mario di Bernardo, Francesco Lo Iudice
Modeling & Control of Networked Systems: Perspectives & Methodologies II
A Timer-Based Distributed Channel Access Mechanism in Networked Control Systems
Tahmoores Farjam, Themistoklis Charalambous, Henk Wymeersch
Stabilizing Quorum-Sensing Networks via Noise
Giovanni Russo, Marianna Rotoli, Mario di Bernardo
Memristive Cellular Automata for Modeling of Epileptic Brain Activity
Vasileios Ntinas, Rafailia-Eleni Karamani, Iosif-Angelos Fyrigos, Ioannis Vourkas, Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis, Antonio Rubio
Synchronization in Networks of Rössler Oscillators with Long-Range Interactions
Mattia Frasca, Ernesto Estrada, Lucia Valentina Gambuzza
VV G.5
Light Field Camera & Quality Assessment
Novel Reflection Removal Algorithm Using the Light Field Camera
Tingtian Li, Daniel P.K. Lun
A High Dynamic Range Light Field Camera and its Built-in Data Processor Design
Po-Hsiang Hsu, Yang-Ming Yeh, Chi-Ming Yeh, Yi-Chang Lu
Visual Comfort Assessment for Stereoscopic Image Retargeting
Zhibo Chen, Ya Zhou, Wei Zhou, Ping An
Adaptive Screen Content Image Enhancement Strategy Using Layer-Based Segmentation
Zhaohui Che, Guangtao Zhai, Ke Gu, Patrick LeCallet, Xianming Liu, Deming Zhai, Xiao Gu
No-Reference Stereo Image Quality Assessment by Learning Gradient Dictionary-Based Color Visual Characteristics
Jialu Yang, Ping An, Jian Ma, Kai Li, Liquan Shen
Visual Communication, Streaming & Networking
Probabilistic Viewport Adaptive Streaming for 360- Degree Videos
Zhimin Xu, Xinggong Zhang, Kai Zhang, Zongming Guo
Learning-Based Congestion Control for Internet Video Communication Over Wireless Networks
Tongyu Dai, Xinggong Zhang, Zongming Guo
Expectation Model and Scheduling for Video Streaming
Yu-Jui Chiang, Hsu-Feng Hsiao
Improved DASH for Cross-Random-Access Prediction Structure in Video Coding
Hualong Yu, Lu Yu
Video Service Function Chaining with a Real-Time Packet Reordering Circuit
Yuta Ukon, Koji Yamazaki, Koyo Nitta
Video Technology
Decoding-Energy-Rate-Distortion Optimization for Video Coding
Christian Herglotz, Andreas Heindel, André Kaup
Motion Classification-Based Fast Motion Estimation for High-Efficiency Video Coding
Yongfei Zhang, Rui Fan, Bo Li
Adaptive Bit Allocation for Consistent Video Quality in Scalable High Efficiency Video Coding
Phuong Binh Vo, Shih-Hsuan Yang
A Survey of Content-Aware Video Analysis for Sports
Huang-Chia Shih
On Derivation of Most Probable Modes for Intra Prediction in Video Coding
Nam Ling, Mingqiang Jiang, Shanxi Li, Jianhua Zheng, Philipp Zhang
Hardware Related Video Coding & Analysis
VLSI Architecture of High Speed SAD for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Encoder
Chitrakant Sahu, Amit Joshi, M. Samar Ansari
OTED: Encoding Optimization Technique Targeting Energy-Efficient HEVC Decoding
Daniel Palomino, Douglas Corrêa, Guilherme Correa, Bruno Zatt
Decoding Energy Estimation of an HEVC Hardware Decoder
Christian Herglotz, André Kaup
VET Encoder Complexity Analysis
Amir Ahmad Mohammadi, Mohammad Sadegh Alizadeh, Mohammad Sharifkhani
Hardware Implementation of a Smart Camera with Keypoint Detection and Description
Selman Ergünay, Yusuf Leblebici
Mini tutorial
Sampling Point Optimization and Associated Timing Recovery Methods for High Speed SERDES Receivers
Fulvio Spagna, Sitaraman V. Iyer
Building Better Tools for Neuroscience: Custom Microchips for Electrophysiology Instrumentation
Reid R. Harrison
Mini tutorial
Analysis and Design of Regenerative Comparators for Low Offset and Noise
Asad A. Abidi
Mini tutorial
Fault Tolerant Smart Power Drivers with Biasing Schemes and Diagnostics for Smart Automotive Systems
Sri Navaneeth Easwaran, Samir Camdzic, Robert Weigel
VV G.6
Data-driven Network Science & Engineering of Complex Systems I
Evaluation of Support Vector Machine Kernels for Detecting Network Anomalies
Ljiljana Trajkovic, Prerna Batta, Maninder Singh, Zhida Li, Qingye Ding
Evaluation of the Anonymizability of Complex Networks
Xiao Fan Liu, Xiao-Ke Xu
Multi-Layer Public Transport Network Analysis
Tanuja Shanmukhappa, Wang Hei Ho, Chi Kong Tse, Xingtang Wu, Hairong Dong
Ordinal Network Measures — Quantifying Determinism in Data
Michael McCullough, Michael Small, Konstantinos Sakellariou
Stochastic Model of Cascading Failure Dynamics in Communication Networks
Wendi Ren, Jiajing Wu, Rong Lai
Data-driven Network Science & Engineering of Complex Systems II
Quantifying the Contact Memory in Temporal Human Interactions
Cong Li, Jing Li, Xiang Li
Emergence of Leadership in Complex Networks and Human Groups
Maria Lombardi, Francesco Alderisio, Mario di Bernardo
Energy scaling with control distance in complex networks
Francesco Sorrentino, Isaac Klickstein, Ishan Kafle, Sudarshan Bartaula
Time-Delayed Network Reconstruction Based on Nonlinear Continuous Dynamical Systems
Xiaofan Wang, Guanxue Yang, Lin Wang
Fractional Order Circuits: From Linear to Nonlinear Systems I
Conditions and Emulation of Double Pinch-Off Points in Fractional-Order Memristor
Ahmed G. Radwan, Esraa Hamed, Mohamed Fouda
Changes of Fractional-Order Model Parameters in Biceps Tissue from Fatiguing Exercise
Gary Bohannan, Todd Freeborn
Analysis of Disturbance Rejection by PI^? Controller Using Solid State Fractional Capacitor
Dina Anna John, Karabi Biswas
Fractional-Order Model of a Commercial Ear Simulator
Ahmed Elwakil, Costas Vastarouchas, Costas Psychalinos
Fractional Order Circuits: From Linear to Nonlinear Systems II
FPGA Implementation of X- and Heart-Shapes Controllable Multi-Scroll Attractors
Ahmed G. Radwan, Nancy Soliman, Mohamed Tolba, Lobna Said, Ahmed Madian
Supercapacitor Fractional-Order Model Discharging from Polynomial Time-Varying Currents
Ahmed Elwakil, Todd Freeborn, Anis Allagui
Fractional-Order Differentiators and Integrators with Reduced Circuit Complexity
Panagiotis Bertsias, Leila Safari, Shahram Minaei, Ahmed Elwakil, Costas Psychalinos
Jump Resonance in Fractional Order Circuits
Arturo Buscarino, Riccardo Caponetto, Carlo Famoso, Luigi Fortuna
PA G.1
CNN & Array Processors
Implementation of Fast and Low-Power Thermopile Readout Circuit Arrangement for Array Processors
Mika Grönroos, Tapani Nevalainen, Ari Paasio
Neuromorphic Cellular Neural Network Processor for Intelligent Internet-of-Things
Kayode Sanni, Martin Villemur, Pedro Julian, Tomas Figliola, Andreou Andreas
A 3D Tiled Low Power Accelerator for Convolutional Neural Network
Yuxiang Huan, Jiawei Xu, Lirong Zheng, Tenhunen Hannu, Zhuo Zou
Energy-Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks via Statistical Error Compensated Near Threshold Computing
Joseph Cavallaro, Yingyan Lin
A Convolutional Accelerator for Neural Networks with Binary Weights
Arash Ardakani, Carlo Condo, Warren Gross
Deep Learning Systems I
Hardware Self-Organizing Map Based on Frequency- Modulated Signal and Digital Frequency-Locked Loop
Hiroomi Hikawa, Hidetaka Ito, Yutaka Maeda
A 141.4 mW Low-Power Online Deep Neural Network Training Processor for Real-Time Object Tracking in Mobile Devices
Donghyeon Han, Jinsu Lee, Jinmook Lee, Sungpill Choi, Hoi-Jun Yoo
A Reconfigurable Pipelined Architecture for Convolutional Neural Network Acceleration
Shan Cao, Chengbo Xue, Rongkun Jiang, Hao Yang
Real-Time Road Segmentation Using LiDAR Data Processing on an FPGA
Yecheng Lyu, Lin Bai, Xinming Huang
A Multi-Mode Visual Recognition Hardware Accelerator for AR/MR Glasses
Yunhui Zhu, Yaohua Zuo, Tong Zhou, Guoping Fan
Deep Learning Systems II
Design Considerations of Selector Device in Cross- Point RRAM Array for Neuromorphic Computing
Jiyong Woo, Xiaochen Peng, Shimeng Yu
Image-Classifier Deep Convolutional Neural Network Training by 9-Bit Dedicated Hardware to Realize Validation Accuracy and Energy Efficiency Superior to the Half Precision Floating Point Format
Shin-Ichi O'Uchi, Hiroshi Fuketa, Tsutomu Ikegami, Wakana Nogami, Takashi Matsukawa, Tomohiro Kudoh, Ryousei Takano
Bit Error Tolerance of a CIFAR-10 Binarized Convolutional Neural Network Processor
Lita Yang, Danny Bankman, Bert Moons, Marian Verhelst, Boris Murmann
On-Line Learning of RVFL Neural Networks on Finite Precision Hardware
Antonello Rosato, Rosa Altilio, Massimo Panella
Design-Space Exploration of Pareto-Optimal Architectures for Deep Learning with DVFS
Mario Casu, Giulia Santoro, Valentino Peluso, Andrea Calimera, Massimo Alioto
Deep Learning Systems and Applications
Deep CNNs for Microscopic Image Classification by Exploiting Transfer Learning and Feature Concatenation
Zhiping Lin, Long D. Nguyen, Dongyun Lin, Jiuwen Cao
Deep Hybrid Similarity Learning for Person Re- Identification
Jianqing Zhu, Canhui Cai, Lixin Zheng, Huanqiang Zeng, Shengcai Liao, Zhen Lei
Deep Neural Networks for the Recognition and Classification of Heart Murmurs Using Neuromorphic Auditory Sensors
Juan Pedro Dominguez-Morales, Angel Jimenez-Fernandez, Manuel Dominguez-Morales, Gabriel Jimenez-Moreno
Visual Question Answering Using Explicit Visual Attention
Anastasios Tefas, Vasileios Lioutas, Nikolaos Passalis
Novel Methods for EEG Visualization and Virtualization
Paul Groves, David Slayback, Syed Abdali, Justin Brooks, William Hairston
PA 1.1
Low Power Logic & Architectures I
A 19nW, Near-Threshold to I/O Voltage Level Shifter in 28nm FD-SOI Using 1.8V/28Å Device for IoT Systems
Prashant Singh
An Area and Energy Efficient Ultra-Low Voltage Level Shifter with Reduced-Swing Output Buffer
Tony Tae-Hyoung Kim, Van Loi Le
Level Shifter Architecture for Dynamically Biasing Ultra-Low Voltage Subcircuits of Integrated Systems
Rodrigo Possamai Bastos, Rodrigo Iga Jadue, T. Ferreira de Paiva Leite, Otto Rolloff, Mamadou Diallo, Laurent Fesquet
Design of Approximate FFT with Bit-Width Selection Algorithms
Weiqiang Liu, Qicong Liao, Fei Qiao, Chenghua Wang, Fabrizio Lombardi
A Low-Power Pyramid Motion Estimation Engine for 4K@30fps Realtime HEVC Video Encoding
Ke Xu, Bo Huang, Xiangkai Liu, Xueying Tu, Zhuoyan Wu, Zhanpeng Yan, Peng Liu, Bin Han, Yu Li
Low Power Logic & Architectures II
NEAR: a Novel Energy Aware Replacement Policy for STT-MRAM LLCs
Chen Liu, Yuanqing Cheng, Ying Wang, Youguang Zhang, Weisheng Zhao
Optimal Slope Ranking: an Approximate Computing Approach for Circuit Pruning
Ziji Zhang, Yajuan He, Jin He, Xilin Yi, Qiang Li, Bo Zhang
Switched Capacitor Variable Delay Line
Okan Zafer Batur, Semih Ramazanoglu
A 5-Transistor Ternary gain-cell
Or Maltabashi
A 7-GHz Fast-Lock 2-Step TDC-Based All-Digital DLL for Post-DDR4 SDRAMs
Dongjun Park, Jongsun Kim
CAS-T: Mixed-Mode Circuits and Techniques
Coordinate Rotation-Based Low Complexity K-Means Clustering Architecture
Bhagyaraja Adapa, Dwaipayan Biswas, Swati Bhardwaj, Shashank Raghuraman, Amit Acharyya, Koushik Maharatna
A Scalable High-Performance Priority Encoder Using 1D-Array to 2D-Array Conversion
Xuan-Thuan Nguyen, Hong-Thu Nguyen, Cong-Kha Pham
Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulators with Time- Interleaved FIR Feedback
Ankesh Jain, Shanthi Pavan
All-Digital Calibration of Timing Mismatch Error in Time-Interleaved Analog-to-Digital Converters
Luke Wang, Shuai Chen, Hong Zhang, Anthony Chan Carusone, Rosanah Murugesu, Dustin Dunwell
A 7.8mW 5b 5GS/s Dual-Edges-Triggered Time- Based Flash ADC
Chi-Hang Chan, Yan Zhu, Sai-Weng Sin, Seng-Pan U, Rui Paulo Martins, Franco Maloberti
Digital Architectures
Asynchronous-Logic QDI Quad-Rail Sense-Amplifier Half-Buffer Approach for NoC Router Design
Kwen-Siong Chong, Weng-Geng Ho, Kyaw Zwa Lwin Ne, Bah-Hwee Gwee, Joseph Sylvester Chang
ontrasting Laser Power Requirements of Wavelength-Routed Optical NoC Topologies Subject to Floorplanning, Placement and Routing Constraints of a 3- D-Stacked System
Davide Bertozzi, Mahdi Tala, Luca Ramini, Marta Ortín-Obón, Victor Viñals-Yufera
A Scalable Multicore Architecture with Heterogeneous Memory Structures for Dynamic Neuromorphic Asynchronous Processors (DYNAPs)
Giacomo Indiveri, Saber Moradi, Ning Qiao, Fabio Stefanini
Gaussian Pyramid: Comparative Analysis of Hardware Architectures
José Gabriel Gomes, Fernanda Oliveira, Jorge Fernández-Berni, Ricardo Carmona-Galán, Rocío Del Río, Ángel Rodríguez-Vázquez
Adaptive Bus Encoding for Transition Reduction on Off-Chip Buses with Dynamically Varying Switching Characteristics
Sumantra Sarkar, Rahul M. Rao, Ayan Biswas, AnindyaDhar Sundar
PA 1.2
Secure Circuits Design
Coin Flipping PUF: a New PUF with Improved Resistance Against Machine Learning.Attacks.
Yuki Tanaka, Song Bian, Masayuki Hiromoto, Takashi Sato
Register PUF with No Power-Up Restrictions
Sying-Jyan Wang, Chin-Hung Lien, Katherine Shu-Min Li
Predicting Soft-Response of Mux PUFs via Logistic Regression of Total Delay Difference
Keshab K. Parhi, Anoop Koyily, Chen Zhou, Chris H. Kim
PUF Modeling Attack Using Active Learning
Yingjie Lao, Yuejiang Wen
On Finding Suitable Key-Gate Locations in Logic Encryption
Rajit Karmakar, Harshit Kumar, Santanu Chattopadhyay
Security Aware Digital Design
Transparent Side Channel Trigger Mechanism on Analog Circuits with PAAST Hardware Trojans
Randall Geiger, Qianqian Wang, Degang Chen
Active IC Metering of Digital Signal Processing Subsystem with Two-Tier Activation for Secure Split Test
Sumedh Somnath Dhabu, Yue Zheng, Wenye Liu, Chip Hong Chang
Ultra Low Power SIMON Core for Lightweight Encryption
Emre Salman, Tutu Wan
On Securing Scan Design Through Test Vector Encryption
Virendra Singh, Darshit Vaghani, Satyadev Ahlawat, Jaynarayan Tudu, Masahiro Fujita
Time Domain Sequential Locking for Increased Security
Kyle Juretus, Ioannis Savidis
Design for Secure Digital Systems
A Sub-pico Joules Per Bit Robust Physical Unclonable Function Based on Subthreshold Voltage References
Xiaojin Zhao, Yuan Cao, Chip Hong Chang, Wenhan Zheng
Secure Implementation of TEL-Compatible Flip-Flops Using a Standard-Cell Approach
Davide Bellizia, Giuseppe Scotti, Alessandro Trifiletti
A Physical Unclonable Function Based on Capacitor Mismatch in a Charge-Redistribution SAR-ADC
Chris H. Kim, Qianying Tang, Won Ho Choi, Luke Everson, Keshab K. Parhi
A Closer Look at the Delay-Chain Based TRNG
Miloš Grujic, Vladimir Rožic, Bohan Yang, Ingrid Verbauwhede
A PAM-4 10S/12S Line Coding Scheme with Equi- Probable Levels
Sandeep Goyal, Ron Joseph, Virendra Singh, Shalabh Gupta
Cryptography & CyberSecurity
Compact, Scalable, and Efficient Discrete Gaussian Samplers for Lattice-Based Cryptography
James Howe, Ayesha Khalid, Ciara Rafferty, Francesco Regazzoni, Maire O'Neill
An Implementation of Karatsuba-Based Montgomery Modular Multiplication with Only Half-Size Additions
Zhen Gu, Shuguo Li
Thwarting Fault Attacks Against Lightweight Cryptography Using SIMD Instructions
Benjamin Lac, Anne Canteaut, Jacques Fournier, Renaud Sirdey
A 16 × 16-Pixel Post-Processing Free Quantum Random Number Generator Based on SPADs
Nicola Massari, Hesong Xu, Daniele Perenzoni, Alessandro Tomasi
High-Secure Low-Latency Ring-LWE Cryptography Scheme for Biomedical Images Storing and Transmitting
Hanho Lee, Tuy Nguyen Tan
PA 1.3
Image Sensors
A 1280 by 720 by 3, 250 mW, 24 fps Hexachromatic Imager for Near-Infrared Fluorescence Image-Guided Surgery
Missael Garcia, Kevin Kauffman, Tyler Davis, Radoslav Marinov, Viktor Gruev
High Dynamic Range Smart Pixel Architecture for Infrared Focal Plane Arrays
Omer Ceylan, Melik Yazici, Atia Shafique, Shahbaz Abbasi, Yasar Gurbuz
A Novel Approach to Noise Shaping in Digital Pixels for Infrared Imagers Using Over-Integration
Omer Ceylan, Shahbaz Abbasi, Atia Shafique, Melik Yazici, Yasar Gurbuz
A 128×128-pix 4-kfps 14-Bit Digital-Pixel PbSe-CMOS Uncooled MWIR Imager
Roger Figueras, Josep Maria Margarit, Germán Vergara, Víctor Villamayor, Raúl Gutiérrez-álvarez, Carlos Fernández-Montojo, Lluís Terés, Francisco Serra-Graells
High Dynamic Range CMOS Imager for Colorimetric Gas Sensors
Meera Punjiya, Rachel Owyeung, Brian Wee, Sameer Sonkusale
Imagers & Vision Sensors
A Motion Sensor with on-Chip Pixel Rendering Module for Optical Flow Gradient Extraction
Jing Huang, Menghan Guo, Shizheng Wang, Shoushun Chen
Front and Back Illuminated Dynamic and Active Pixel Vision Sensors Comparison
Gemma Taverni, Diederik Paul Moeys, Chenghan Li, Tobi Delbruck, Celso Cavaco, Vasyl Motsnyi, David San Segundo Bello
A 35 W 64 × 64 Pixels Vision Sensor Embedding Local Binary Pattern Code Computation
Massimo Gottardi, Michela Lecca
Quarter Video Graphics Array Full-Digital Image Sensing with Wide Dynamic Range and Linear Output Using Pixel-Wise 3D Integration
Masahide Goto, Yuki Honda, Toshihisa Watabe, Kei Hagiwara, Masakazu Nanba, Yoshinori Iguchi, Takuya Saraya, Masaharu Kobayashi, Eiji Higurashi, Hiroshi Toshiyoshi, Toshiro Hiramoto
An Active Approach to Solving the Stereo Matching Problem Using Event-Based Sensors
Julien Martel, Jonathan Müller, Jörg Conradt, Yulia Sandamirskaya
Sensory Circuits & Systems
Micropower Design of an Energy Autonomous RF Tag for UWB Localization Applications
Davide Fabbri, Matteo Pizzotti, Aldo Romani
M²APix: a Bio-Inspired Auto-Adaptive Visual Sensor for Robust Ground Height Estimation
Victor Boutin, Julien Dupeyroux, Julien Serres, Laurent Perrinet, Stéphane Viollet
A Low-Power Radiation Detection System for Portable, Long-Duration Monitoring
Joseph Schmitz, Daniel Rogge, Mahir Gharzai, Sina Balkir, Michael Hoffman, Mark Bauer
A Near-Zero-Power Temperature Sensor with ±0.24 °C Inaccuracy Using Only Standard CMOS Transistors for IoT Applications
Rui Zhang, Shiquan Fan, Li Geng
A 2.6GS/s Spectrometer System in 65nm CMOS for Spaceborne Telescopic Sensing
Yan Zhang, Yanghyo Kim, Adrian Tang, Jon Kawamura, Theodore Reck, Frank Chang
Auditory & Bio- Sensors
An Event-Driven Probabilistic Model of Sound Source Localization Using Cochlea Spikes
Jithendar Anumula, Enea Ceolini, Zhe He, Adrian Huber, Shih-Chii Liu
A Machine Hearing System for Binaural Sound Localization Based on Instantaneous Correlation
Ying Xu, Saeed Afshar, Ram Singh, Tara Hamilton, Runchun Wang, André van Schaik
CAR-Lite: a Multi-Rate Cochlea Model on FPGA
Ram Singh, Ying Xu, Runchun Wang, Tara Hamilton, André van Schaik, Susan Denham
Room-Temperature Dual-Mode CMOS Gas-FET Sensor for Diabetes Detection
Qian Yu, Farid Boussaid, Amine Bermak, Chi-Ying Tsui
An Energy-Efficient 1.2V 4-Channel Wireless CMOS Potentiostat for Amperometric Biosensors
Virgilio Valente, Matthew Schormans, Andreas Demosthenous
PA 1.4
A CMOS Bio-Chip Combining pH Sensing, Temperature Regulation and Electric Field Generation for DNA Detection and Manipulation
Nicolas Moser, Mohammed Abdulwahab, Jesus Rodriguez-Manzano, Pantelis Georgiou
ClotChip: a Microfluidic Dielectric Sensor for Point-of- Care Assessment of Hemostasis
Pedram Mohseni, Debnath Maji, Michael Suster, Erdem Kucukal, Ujjal Sekhon, Anirban Sen Gupta, Umut Gurkan, Evi Stavrou
A 128×128 Current-Mode Ultra-High Frame Rate ISFET Array for Ion Imaging
Junming Zeng, Nicholas Miscourides, Pantelis Georgiou
Simulation of Temperature Profiles Due to Joule Heating in Microfluidic Systems
Axel Hanuschek, Martin Hantschke, Iasonas Triantis, Dimitrios Sideris
An ISFET Pixel with Integrated Trapped Charge Compensation Using Temperature Feedback
Nicolas Moser, Loukas Petrou, Yuanqi Hu, Pantelis Georgiou
Integrated Biomedical Sensing/Stimulation Systems
An 1.97µW/Ch 65nm-CMOS 8-Channel Analog Front- End Acquisition Circuit with Fast-Settling Hybrid DC Servo Loop for EEG Monitoring
Chi-Wei Huang, Pin-Wen Chen, Chung-Yu Wu
CMOS-Based Multifrequency Impedance Analyzer for Biomedical Applications
Daniele Allegri, Achille Donida, Piero Malcovati, Diego Barrettino
Wideband Fully Differential Current Driver with Optimized Output Impedance for Bioimpedance Measurements
Achraf Lamlih, Philippe Freitas, Stephane David-Grignot, Jeremie Salles, Vincent Kerzérho, Fabien Soulier, Serge Bernard, Tristan Rouyer, Sylvain Bonhommeau
An ASIC Implementation of Security Scheme for Body Area Networks
Junchao Wang, Kaining Han, Anastasios Alexandridis, Zeljko Zilic, Yu Pang, Jinzhao Lin
Active Control of µLED Arrays for Optogenetic Stimulation
Mohamad Sawan, Leila Montazeri, Nizar El Zarif, Takashi Tokuda, Jun Ohta
Implantable Technology I
A 650-uW 30-Mbps Galvanic Coupling Communication Receiver for Bionic Arms
Yeseul Jeon, Hyuntak Jeon, Song-I Cheon, Chongsoo Jung, Minkyu Je
A Low Power Fully Intergrated RF Transceiver for Medical Implant Communication
Seok-Ju Yun, Jaechun Lee, Joonseong Kang, Chisung Bae, Junyeub Suh, Sang Joon Kim
Compact and Low Power Analog Front End with insitu Data Decimator for High-Channel-Count ECoG Recording
Andrew Mason, Ehsan Ashoori, Sylmarie Dávila-Montero
A Stent Graft Occlusion Detection : Pressure Sensing Implant Device with Inductive Power and Data Telemetry
Bibin John, Clemens Spink, Markus Braunschweig, Rajeev Ranjan, Dietmar Schroeder, Andreas Koops, Gregor Woldt, Ilka Rauh, Andreas Leuzinger, Gerhard Adam, Wolfgang H. Krautschneider
Four-Wire Interface ASIC for a Multi-Implant Link
Sara S. Ghoreishizadeh, Dorian Haci, Yan Liu, Timothy Constandinou, Nick Donaldson
Implantable Technology II
An Energy-Efficient High-Frequency Neuro- Stimulator with Parallel Pulse Generators, Staggered Output and Extended Average Current Range
Guijie Zhu, Songping Mai, Xian Tang, Chun Zhang, Zhihua Wang, Hong Chen
Energy Efficient Bio-Feedback Stimulation System with Adaptive Parameters Optimization Closed Loop
Hyungwoo Lee, Sang Joon Kim
A Power Efficient LDO-Type Wireless Battery Charger for Biomedical Implants Based on Direct Charging from Regulated Rectifier Current
Edward Lee
A Microchannel Neural Interface ASIC
Dai Jiang, Henry Lancashire, Andreas Demosthenous, Nick Donaldson
A Smart Neuroscience Platform with Wireless Power Transmission for Simultaneous Optogenetics and Electrophysiological Recording
Benoit Gosselin, Esmaeel Maghsoudloo, Gabriel Gagnon-Turcotte, Zahra Rezaei
PA 2.2
Broadband & Optical Communication Systems
Modified RFin-RFout Broadband Predistorter for 5G Communication System
Karan Gumber, Meenakshi Rawat
Exploiting Luminescence Emissions of Solar Cells for Optical Frequency Identification (OFID)
Walter Leon-Salas, Xiaozhe Fan
Low-Noise High-Linearity 56Gb/s PAM-4 Optical Receiver in 45nm SOI CMOS
Yang Xie, Dan Li, Yiqun Liu, Ming Liu, Yihua Zhang, Xiaoli Wang, Li Geng
Modeling and Linearization of Multi-Antenna Transmitters Using Over-the-Air Measurements
Katharina Hausmair, Ulf Gustavsson, Christian Fager, Thomas Eriksson
Multiport ADCs for Microwave Focal Plane Array Dish Receivers
Najath Akram, Arjuna Madanayake, Suranga Handagala, Soumyajit Mandal, Leonid Belostotski
Enabling Baseband Technologies for 5G & Beyond
VLSI Design of a 3-Bit Constant-Modulus Precoder for Massive MU-MIMO
Oscar Castañeda, Sven Jacobsson, Giuseppe Durisi, Tom Goldstein, Christoph Studer
Low-Complexity Software Stack Decoding of Polar Codes
Harsh Aurora, Carlo Condo, Warren Gross
A Channel-Blind Detection for SCMA Based on Image Processing Techniques
Chao Yang, Weihong Xu, Zaichen Zhang, Xiaohu You, Chuan Zhang
Custom Low Power Processor for Polar Decoding
Mathieu Léonardon, Camille Leroux, David Binet, J.M.Pierre Langlois, Christophe Jégo, Yvon Savaria
Energy Efficient Antenna Selection Scheme for Downlink Massive MIMO Systems
Jian Gao, Hao Li, Jie Guo, Yongshi Wang, Li Li, Zhigang Wang, Houjun Wang
MIMO & Wireless Communication Systems
An Ultra Low Power 4.7mA-Rx 22.4mA-Tx Transceiver Circuit in 65nm CMOS for M2M Satellite Communications
Laurent Ouvry, David Lachartre, Carolynn Bernier, Florent Lepin, François Dehmas, Vincent Deslandes
Near-ML Detection in Massive MIMO Systems with One-Bit ADCs: Algorithm and VLSI Design
Seyed Hadi Mirfarshbafan, Mahdi Shabany, Arash Amini, SeyedAlireza Nezamalhosseini
A 1Gbps UWB OOK Receiver with Double PLL All- Digital CDR and Data Packet Re-Synchronizer
Marco Crepaldi, Gian Nicola Angotzi, Alessandro Barcellona, Luca Berdondini
A 2×2-16×16 Reconfigurable GGMD Processor for MIMO Communication Systems
Chih-Hsuan Chiang, Shuo-An Huang, Chiao-En Chen, Chia-Hsiang Yang
Monitoring Radios:Dynamics and Emerging Trends
Paul Sotiriadis, Ulrich Rohde, Ajay Poddar, Alexandru Silaghi
Wireline Communications
Parallel Implementation Technique of Digital Equalizer for Ultra-High-Speed Wireline Receiver
Gain Kim, Lukas Kull, Danny Luu, Matthias Braendli, Christian Menolfi, Pier Andrea Francese, Cosimo Aprile, Thomas Morf, Marcel Kossel, Alessandro Cevrero, Ilter Ozkaya, Thomas Toifl, Yusuf Leblebici
A 20-Gb/s, 2.4 pJ/Bit, Fully Integrated Optical Receiver with a Baud-Rate Clock and Data Recovery
Wei-Zen Chen, Yuan-Sheng Lee
An 8.52–11.34 GHz 0.34° Phase Error Quadrature Clock Generator with Time-Voltage-Time Convertor
Linqi Shi, Weixin Gai, Xiaoting Zhi, Liangxiao Tang, Xiao Xiang
A 40Gb/s All-Digital Adaptive Noise-Suppression Feed-Forward Filter and Adaptive Decision Feedback Equalizer with 40 Parallelisms for 2-PAM Systems
Shyh-Jye Jou, Chee-Kit Ng, Yu-Chun Lin, Wei-Chang Liu, Chin-Feng Wu
Adaptive Transmit-Side Equalization for Serial Electrical Interconnects at 100 Gb/s Using Duobinary
Michiel Verplaetse, Joris Van Kerrebrouck, Johan Bauwelinck, Guy Torfs, Timothy De Keulenaer, Arno Vyncke, Ramses Pierco, Renato Vaernewyck
PA 2.3
Theory & Modelling of Nonlinear Circuits: Oscillators, PLLs & Sigma Delta Modulators
Locking Range of Frequency Dividers with Dual- Resonance Tank
Antonio Buonomo, Alessandro Lo Schiavo
An Alternative Analysis of Noise Folding in Fractional- N Synthesizers
Behzad Razavi
On the Optimal Operation Frequency to Minimize Phase Noise in Integrated Harmonic Oscillators
Alessandro Franceschin, Fabio Padovan, Roberto Nonis, Andrea Bevilacqua
Optimal Coefficient Quantization in Optimal-NTF ?S Modulators
Sergio Callegari, Federico Bizzarri, Angelo Brambilla
Steady State Analysis of Crystal Oscillator Circuits Using a Self-Consistent Carleman Linearization
Harry Weber, Wolfgang Mathis
A 16.6 µW 3.12 MHz RC Relaxation Oscillator with 160.3 dBc/Hz FOM
Wei Zhou, Wang Ling Goh, Jia Hao Cheong, Yuan Gao
A 1-MHz Relaxation Oscillator Core Employing a Self- Compensating Chopped Comparator Pair
Josip Mikulic, Gregor Schatzberger, Adrijan Baric
A Low Phase Noise Ring Oscillator with Miller Capacitance Cancellation
Hossein Noori, Yucheng Tong, FaFoster Dai, Kun Zhao
Arrayable Voltage-Controlled Ring-Oscillator for Direct Time-of-Flight Image Sensors
Ion Vornicu, Ricardo Carmona-Galán, Ángel Rodríguez-Vázquez
New Dual-Loop Topology for Ring VCOs Based on Latched Delay Cells
Marius Neag, Istvan Kovacs
PLL Element Circuits
An UWB, Low-Noise, Low-Power Quadrature VCO Using Delay-Locked Loop in 40-nm CMOS for Image- Rejection Receivers
Piyush Kaul, Hao Gao, Xin He, Peter G.M. Baltus
A 27.2GHz Bipolar LC-VCO Using Class-C Biasing to Maximize Achievable Fosc in 130nm BiCMOS
Sankaran Aniruddhan, Arpan Sureshbhai Thakkar, Srinivas Theertham, Peeyoosh Mirajkar, Jagdish Chand Goyal
A Low-Power and Wide-Locking-Range Injection- Locked Frequency Divider by Three with Dual-Injection Divide-by-Two Technique
Alessandro Garghetti, Andrea Lacaita, Salvatore Levantino
A 65 nm Compact High Performance Fully Synthesizable Clock Multiplier Based on an Injection Locked Ring Oscillator
Nahla Abou-El-Kheir, Ralph D. Mason, Mingze Li, Mustapha C. E. Yagoub
Analysis and Design of a 60 GHz Fully-Differential Frequency Doubler in 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS
Vincent Rieß, Paolo Valerio Testa, Corrado Carta, Frank Ellinger
Phase-Locked Loops
A Sub-Ps Integrated-Jitter 10 GHz ADPLL with Fractional Capacitor
Linqi Shi, Weixin Gai, Jichao Huang, Liangxiao Tang, Xiao Xiang
A 53-61GHz Low-Power PLL with Harmonic Positive Feedback VCO in 65nm CMOS
Payam Heydari, Razieh Abedi, Rouzbeh Kananizadeh, Amir Esmaili, Omeed Momeni
A Wide-Range All-Digital Delay-Locked Loop for Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory Application
Chih-Wei Tsai, Yu-Ting Chiu, Yo-Hao Tu, Kuo-Hsing Cheng
A Novel LMS-Based Calibration Scheme for Fractional-N Digital PLLs
Tuan Minh Vo, Carlo Samori, Salvatore Levantino
An Investigation of Phase Noise of a Fractional-N PLL in the Course of FMCW Chirp Generation
Arzu Ergintav, Frank Herzel, Dietmar Kissinger, Herman Ng
PA 2.4
Data Converters I
A 12-Bit, 2.5-Bit/Cycle, 1 MS/s Two-Stage Cyclic ADC, for High-Speed CMOS Image Sensors
Amandeep Kaur, Deepak Mishra, Mukul Sarkar
A Generic Foreground Calibration Algorithm for ADCs with Nonlinear Impairments
Armia Salib, Mark Flanagan, Barry Cardiff
Power Optimized Comparator Selecting Method for Stochastic ADC
Bohui Xiao, Spencer Leuenberger, Praveen Kumar Venkatachala, Ahmed ElShater, Calvin Lee, Michael Oatman, Un-Ku Moon
An Asynchronous Pipelined Time-to-Digital Converter Using Time-Domain Subtraction
Omer Can Akgun
Stochastic Resonance Mixed-Signal Processing: Analog-to-Digital Conversion and Signal Processing Employing Noise
Dieuwert Mul, Insani Abdi Bangsa, Wouter Serdijn
Data Converters II
Multiphase TDC Inspired by the Early Vision Model
Takeshi Shima, Shun Kozuki, Nicodimus Retdian
A 14-B, 850fs Fully Synthesizable Stochastic-Based Branching Time-to-Digital Converter in 65nm CMOS
Jian Sen Teh, Liter Siek, Abdel Martinez Alonso, Anugerah Firdauzi, Akira Matsuzawa
Jian Sen Teh
A Low-Power Auxiliary Circuit for Level-Crossing ADCs in IoT-Sensor Applications
Y. B. Kumar Nithin, Siddharth R. Kala, M. H. Vasantha, Edoardo Bonizzoni
Effect of Switched-Capacitor CMFB on the Gain of Fully Differential Op-Amp for Design of Integrators
Joydeep Basu
A Charge-Based Architecture for Energy-Efficient Vector-Vector Multiplication in 65nm CMOS
Kayode Sanni, Tomas Figliolia, Gaspar Tognetti, Philippe Pouliquen, Andreas Andreou
An Adaptive SAR ADC for DC to Nyquist Rate Signals
Baozhen Chen, Frank Yaul, Zhichao Tan, Lalinda Fernando
A 10-Bit 200-kS/s 1.76-µW SAR ADC with Hybrid CAP-MOS DAC for Energy-Limited Applications
Hongshuai Zhang, Hong Zhang, Yan Song, Ruizhi Zhang
High Linearity SAR ADC for High Performance Sensor System
Hua Fan, Jingxuan Yang, Franco Maloberti, Quanyuan Feng, Dagang Li, Daqian Hu, Yuanjun Cen, Hadi Heidari
A Low Energy Consumption 10-Bit 100kS/s SAR ADC with Timing Control Adaptive Window
Chih-Yuan Kung, Chun-Po Huang, Chia-Chuan Li, Soon-Jyh Chang
A 2MS/s, 11.22 ENOB, 3.2 Vpp-d SAR ADC with Improved DNL and Offset Calculation
Sohail Asghar, Sohaib Afridi, Anu Pillai, Anita Schuler, José M. de la Rosa, Ivan O'Connell
A Time-Interleaved 2b/Cycle SAR ADC with Background Offset Calibration
Shahaboddin Ghajari, Mohammad Sharifkhani
Description of SAR ADCs with Digital Redundancy Using a Unified Hardware-Based Approach
Antonio Gines, Antonio Lopez-Angulo, Eduardo Peralias, Adoracion Rueda
A Clock-Tuned Discrete-Time Negative Capacitor Implemented Using Analog Samplers
Thomas Weldon, Donald Johnson
Analysis of a Modified Current Switching Cell for High-Speed Digital-to-Analog Converters
Mohammad Mahdi Khafaji, Corrado Carta, Frank Ellinger
Duty Cycle Distortion in Half-Rate Nyquist DACs with Limited Output Bandwidth
Bao Li, Long Zhao, Jiangfeng Wu, Yuhua Cheng
Live Demonstrations I
Live Demonstration: a Prototype of Analog/Digital-Mixed Neural Networks for Reconfigurable Learning
Takao Marukame, Yutaka Tamura, Koji Takahashi, Toshimitsu Kitamura, Takashi Takebayashi, Yoshifumi Nishi
Live Demonstration: an Automated Test Bench for an 130nm SC DC-DC Converter
Ricardo Madeira, Nuno Correia, João Pedro Oliveira, Nuno Paulino
Live Demonstration: Unsupervised Character Recognition with a FPGA Neuromorphic System
Corey Lammie, Tara Hamilton, Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi
Live Demonstration: Hitting a Table Tennis Ball with a Programmable Vision-System-on-Chip
Jens Döge, Christoph Hoppe, Andreas Reichel, Peter Reichel, Nico Peter, Holger Priwitzer
Live Demonstration: Image Classification Using Bio- Inspired Spiking Neural Networks
Shruti Kulkarni, John Alexiades, Bipin Rajendran
Live Demonstration: IoT Micronode with Optical ID Transmission Capability Operated by Optical Energy Harvesting
Takashi Tokuda, Wuthibenjaphonchai Nattakarn, Takaaki Ishizu, Makito Haruta, Toshihiko Noda, Kiyotaka Sasagawa, Jun Ohta, Mohamad Sawan
Live Demonstration: Benchmarking Analogue Performance of Emerging Random Access Memory Technologies
pyros Stathopoulos, Ali Khiat, Alexantrou Serb, Themis Prodromakis
Live Demonstration: Optimizing an Analog Neuron Circuit Design for Nonlinear Function Approximation
Alexander Neckar, Terrence Stewart, Ben Benjamin, Kwabena Boahen
Live Demonstration: Electrotactile Feedback from an Electronic Skin Through Flexible Electrode Matrix
Marta Franceschi, Lucia Seminara, Strahinja Dosen, Luigi Pinna, Hoda Fares, Moustafa Saleh, Maurizio Valle, Dario Farina
Live Demonstration: Light Energy Harvesting System with an on-Chip Solar Cell and Cold Start-Up
Esteban Ferro, Víctor Manuel Brea, Paula López, Diego Cabello
Live Demonstration: Real-Time Neuro-Inspired Sound Source Localization and Tracking Architecture Applied to a Robotic Platform
Fernando Perez-Peña, Elena Cerezuela-Escudero, Angel Jimenez-Fernandez, Arturo Morgado-Estevez
Live Demonstration: a Hardware Accelerated Robot Middleware Package for Intelligent Processing on Robots
Yutaro Ishida, Takashi Morie, Hakaru Tamukoh
Live Demonstration of IoT and AI System for Recognition of States of Buildings Subjected to Seismic Vibration Motion
Takumi Ito, Choi Changhoon, Takahiro Yamamoto, Takashi Nakajima, Takayuki Kawahara, Yoichiro Hashizume, Mikio Hasegawa
Live Demonstration: Tactile Events from Off-the-Shelf Sensors in a Robotic Skin
Chiara Bartolozzi, Paolo Motto Ros, Riccardo Peloso, Francesco Diotalevi, Marco Crepaldi, Maurizio Martina, Danilo Demarchi
Live Demonstration: Body-Bias Based Performance Monitoring and Compensation for a Near-Threshold Multi- Core Cluster in 28nm FD-SOI Technology
Alfio Di Mauro, Davide Rossi, Antonio Pullini, Philippe Flatresse, Luca Benini
Live Demonstration: Low-Power Low-Cost Cyber-Physical System for Bird Monitoring
Adrián García-Rodríguez, Riu Rodríguez-Sakamoto, Jorge Fernández-Berni, Rocío Del Río, Jesús Marín, Manuel Baena, Javier Bustamante, Ricardo Carmona-Galán, Ángel Rodríguez-Vázquez
Live Demonstration: an IoT Cloud-Based Architecture for Anesthesia Monitoring
Francesca Stradolini, Nadia Tamburrano, Thiébaud Modoux, Abuduwaili Tuoheti, Danilo Demarchi, Sandro Carrara
Live Demonstration: a Self-Powered Ultraviolet Radiation Monitoring Platform Based on Nonvolatile Processor
Xin Shi, Yongpan Liu, Yinan Sun, Yixiong Yang, Keni Qiu
Live Demonstration: Novel Methods for EEG Visualization and Virtualization
Paul Groves, David Slayback, Syed Abdali, Justin Brooks, William Hairston
Live Demonstrations II
Live Demonstration: Front and Back Illuminated Dynamic and Active Pixel Vision Sensors Comparison
Gemma Taverni, Diederik Paul Moeys, Chenghan Li, Tobi Delbruck, Celso Cavaco, Vasyl Motsnyi, David Bello
Live Demonstration: an Energy-Efficient CMOS Biophotometry Sensor Interface
Mehdi Noormohammadi Khiarak, Kiyotaka Sasagawa, Takashi Tokuda, Jun Ohta, Sylvain Martel, Yves DeKoninck, Benoit Gosselin
Live Demonstration: a Mobile Diagnostic System for Rapid Detection and Tracking of Infectious Diseases
Anselm Au, Nicolas Moser, Jesus Rodriguez-Manzano, Pantelis Georgiou
Live Demonstration: an Active System for Depth Reconstruction Using Event-Based Sensors
Julien Martel, Jonathan Müller, Jörg Conradt, Yulia Sandamirskaya
Live Demo: Reconfigurable Low-Noise Multichannel Amplifier for Neurochemical Recording
Krzysztof Wildner, Nishanth Kulasekeram, Khalid Mirza, Chris Toumazou, Konstantin Nikolic
Live Demonstration: an Embedded Environmental Control Micro-Chamber System for RRAM Memristor Characterisation
Tom Abbey, Alexantrou Serb, Nikos Vasilakis, Loukas Michalas, Ali Khiat, Spyros Stathopoulos, Themis Prodromakis
Live Demonstration: End-to-End Real-Time ROI-Based Encryption in HEVC Videos
Naty Sidaty, Marko Viitanen, Wassim Hamidouche, Jarno Vanne, Olivier Déforges
Live Demostration: Low Power Vision Sensor with Robust Dynamic Background Rejection
Yu Zou, Massimo Gottardi, Matteo Perenzoni
Live Demonstration: a Wearable Device for Optogenetic Vision Restoration
Francesco Galluppi, Guillaume Chenegros, Didier Pruneau, Nacer Boussahoul, Gilles Cordurié, Charlie Galle, Nicolas Oddo, Xavier Lagorce, Christoph Posch, Proshato Shabestary, Joël Chavas, Ryad Benosman
Live Demonstration: Hardware Design of Video Defogging Method for Real-Time Applications
Pei-Yin Chen, Yao-Tsung Kuo, Shih-Hsiang Lin, Yeu-Horng Shiau
Live Demonstration: Low Power System for Event-Driven Control of Functional Electrical Stimulation
Fabio Rossi, Paolo Motto Ros, Danilo Demarchi
Live Demonstration: 4K100p HEVC Intra Encoder
Vili Viitamäki, Panu Sjövall, Jarno Vanne, Timo Hämäläinen, Ari Kulmala
Live Demonstration: a 1280 by 720 by 3, 250 mW, 24 fps Hexachromatic Imager for Near-Infrared Fluorescence Image-Guided Surgery
Missael Garcia, Kevin Kauffman, Tyler Davis, Radoslav Marinov, Viktor Gruev
Live Demonstration: Portable Bowel Sound Idenfication System
Khandaker Mamun, Nicole McFarlane
Live Demonstration: an 800 MHz Gain-Cell Embedded DRAM in 28 nm CMOS Bulk Process for Approximate Computing Applications
Or Maltabashi, Robert Giterman, Roman Golman, Amir Shalom, Alexander Fish, Adam Teman
Live Demonstration: Image Segmentation on the FPGABased Pre-Calculating Ising Memory
Jian Zhang, Shuming Chen, Zhi Wang, Lei Wang, Linghui Lv, Yaohua Wang
Live Demonstration: Designing CT BP S? Modulators with
Johannes Wagner, Maurits Ortmanns
Live Demonstration: Modulating Luminescence Emissions of Solar Cells for Sensing and Identification
Walter Leon-Salas, Xiaozhe Fan
Live Demonstration: a Wearable EIT System for Hand Prosthesis Motion Controls
Yu Wu, Dai Jiang, Richard Bayford, Andreas Demosthenous
Live Demonstration: a Miniaturized Two-Axis Low Latency and Low-Power Sun Sensor for Attitude Determination of Sounding Rockets
Lukasz Farian, Juan Antonio Leñero-Bardallo, Philipp Häfliger
VV G.7
CASS Student Design Competition
A Versatile Electronic Interface for Soil Quality
Karkotis Andreas, Zacharia Angelos, Papapolydorou Panagiotis, Konstantinidis Georgios, Tommy Eftychiou
A Gesture Detection Glove for Human-computer Interaction
Felipe A. Quirino, Marcelo Romanssini, Rafael R. Dorneles, Enzo H. Weber, Alessandro Girardi
Fighting Back Zika, Chikungunya and Dengue: Detection of Mosquito-breeding Habitats using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
T. M. Dias, G. S. Andrade, V. Alves, H. M. AlvesJunior, L. F. Pinheiro, P. M. C. Silva, R. S. G. Pontes, B. P. Silva, I. B. O. de Macedo, G. M. Araujo, T. M. Prego, A. A. Lima
The Real Time Monitoring of Car Driver's Fatigue System
Yu-Jin Lin, Chen-Wei Chuang, Chun-Yueh Yen, Sheng-Hsin Huang, Yen-Ching Wang, Hsiang-Fan Wang, Shuenn-Yuh Lee
PA 4.1
Back to ISCAS future
Sparse approximations using least squares support vector machines
Joos Vandewalle
Bridging the cellular and sensory divide using memristive neuromorphic systems
Jason Eshraghian
The flipped voltage follower: a useful cel voltage low-power circuit design
Jaime Ramirez-Angulo
A personal historical perspective on how CASS and the industry-driven expansion of IEEE in the Asia-Pacific contributed to the development of high-speed WiFi
David Skellern
VV 2.3
Power Conversion and Distribution
nalysis and Design of Wireless Power Transfer System with Asymmetrical Duty-Cycle Controlled Class-D ZVS Inverter
Shohei Mita, Hiroo Sekiya
A Pulse Train Controlled Single-Input Dual-Output Buck Converter
Long Wang, Dongsheng Yu, Ruidong Xu, Zongbin Ye, Herbert Ho-Ching Iu, Tyrone Fernando
Voltage and Current Selector Based Biasing Topology for Multiple Supply Voltage Circuits
Sri Navaneeth Easwaran, Shanmuganand Chellamuthu, SunilKashyap Venugopal, Robert Weigel
Smart Grid on Chip: Work Load-Balanced on-Chip Power Delivery
Ioannis Savidis, Divya Pathak, Houman Homayoun
Design Considerations for Integrated, High-Voltage DC-DC Converters
Edoardo Bonizzoni, Arunkumar Salimath, Giovanni Gonano, Davide Brambilla, Edoardo Botti, Franco Maloberti
Integrated Power Circuits & Charged Pumps I
A Fast Transient Response DC-DC Converter with an Active Compensation Capacitor Module
Mi Zhou, Zhuochao Sun, Zhekai Xiao, Qiongwei Low, Liter Siek
A 65nm, 1.15-0.15V, 99.99% Current-Efficient Digital Low Dropout Regulator with Asynchronous Non-Linear Control for Droop Mitigation
Saad Bin Nasir, Anto K. Davis, Mohamed Bellaredj, Madhavan Swaminathan, Arijit Raychowdhury, Adam Beece, Don Disney, Yong Wang, Hesam FathiMoghadam, Eric Soenen, Jongku Kang, Yasuhiko Mano, Tomoharu Fuji
An Accurate Sense-FET-Based Inductor Current Sensor with Wide Sensing Range for Buck Converters
Ayman Fayed, Yongjie Jiang, Muhammad Swilam, Sita Asar
A Step-Up Charge Pump with High Integration and Full-Coverage Voltage Conversion Ratio
Dedong Ding, Hesheng Lin, Binjie Liu, Min Zhang
Fast-Startup High-Efficiency Tripler Charge Pump in Standard 0.18-µm CMOS Technology
Stefano Gregori, Younis Allasasmeh
Power Management Circuits
A Batteryless and Single-Inductor DC-DC Boost Converter for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Application with 190mV Cold-Start Voltage
Guoxing Wang, Hengwei Yu, Mingyi Chen, Chundong Wu, Kea-Tiong Tang
A Transient-Enhanced Fully-Integrated LDO Regulator for SoC Application
Degang Chen, Nanqi Liu, Brian Johnson, Vinay Nadig
A Dual-Loop Digital LDO Regulator with Asynchronous-Flash Binary Coarse Tuning
Yan Lu, Yuanqing Huang, Franco Maloberti, Rui Paulo Martins
A Capacitor-Less LDO with Fast-Transient Error Amplifier and Push-Pull Differentiator
Xin Ming, Jia-Hao Zhang, Chun-Qi Zhang, Li Hu, Yao Qin, Shao-Wei Zhen, Bo Zhang
Low-Ripple PFM Buck Converter Employing Background Calibration
Mahmoud Khalil, Emad Hegazi, Mohamed El-Nozahi
Circuits & Systems for Energy Harvesting & Management
A Comprehensive Method to Taxonomize Mechanical Energy Harvesting Technologies
Pablo López Díez, Iosu Gabilondo, Eduard Alarcón, Francesc Moll
An RF Energy Harvester with MPPT Operating Across a Wide Range of Available Input Power
Gustavo Martins, Wouter Serdijn
An Indoor Solar Energy Harvester with Ultra-Low- Power Reconfigurable Power-on-Reset-Styled Voltage Detector
Xiaodong Meng, Xing Li, Yuan Yao, Chi-Ying Tsui, Wing-Hung Ki
A Rectifier-Less Energy Harvesting Interface Circuit for Low-Voltage Piezoelectric Transducers
Arish Shareef, Wang Ling Goh, Srikanth Narasimalu, Yuan Gao
Adaptive Power Pinch Analysis for Energy Management of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems
Spyros Voutetakis, Bassey Nyong-Bassey, Damian Giaouris, Athanasios Papadopoulos, Haris Patsios, Simira Papadopoulou, Panos Seferlis, Sara Walker, Philip Taylor, Shady Gadoue
VV 2.2
Approximate & Transprecision Computing Circuits & Systems
A Transprecision Floating-Point Architecture for Energy-Efficient Embedded Computing
Stefan Mach, Davide Rossi, Giuseppe Tagliavini, Andrea Marongiu, Luca Benini
Exploiting Transprecision in Near-Sensor Data Analytics Applications with the Gap-8 Processor
Eric Flamand
Extending the POWER Architecture with Transprecision Co-Processors
Dionysios Diamantopoulos, Heiner Giefers
Approximation for Run-Time Power Management
Anil Kanduri, Mohammad-Hashem Haghbayan, Amir Rahmani, Pasi Liljeberg
An Energy-Efficient Approximate DCT for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Application
Ziji Zhang, Yan Xing, Yiduan Qian, Qiang Li, Yajuan He
Memristors in Neuromorphic Circuits
Pulse-Width Modulation Based Dot-Product Engine for Neuromorphic Computing System Using Memristor Crossbar Array
Hao Jiang, Kevin Yamada, Zizhe Ren, Thomas Kwok, Fu Luo, Qing Yang, Xiaorong Zhang, J. Joshua Yang, Qiangfei Xia, Yiran Chen, Hai Li, Qing Wu, Mark Barnell
Event-Based Circuits for Controlling Stochastic Learning with Memristive Devices in Neuromorphic Architectures
Melika Payvand, Lorenz K. Muller, Giacomo Indiveri
Role of Synaptic Variability in Spike-Based Neuromorphic Circuits with Unsupervised Learning
Denys Riwan Bunsothy Ly, Alessandro Grossi, Thilo Werner, Thomas Dalgaty, Claire Fenouillet-Beranger, Elisa Vianello, Etienne Nowak
Analog Backpropagation Learning Circuits for Memristive Crossbar Neural Networks
Olga Krestinskaya, Khaled Salama, Alex James
Brain-Inspired Recurrent Neural Network with Plastic RRAM Synapses
Valerio Milo, Elisabetta Chicca, Daniele Ielmini
Neuromorphic Circuits & Systems
A Bi-Directional Address-Event Transceiver Block for Low-Latency Inter-Chip Communication in Neuromorphic Systems
Melika Payvand, Ning Qiao, Giacomo Indiveri
Hybrid Neural Network, an Efficient Low-Power Digital Hardware Implementation of Event-Based Artificial Neural Network
Bernabe Linares-Barranco, Amirreza Yousefzadeh, Garrick Orchard, Evangelos Stromatias, Teresa Serrano-Gotarredona
A Low-Power Hardware Architecture for on-Line Supervised Learning in Multi-Layer Spiking Neural Networks
Nan Zheng, Pinaki Mazumder
Enabling Embedded Learning and Classification Implemented on SoC FPAA Devices
Jennifer Hasler, Sahil Shah
A Fully Flexible Circuit Implementation of Clique- Based Neural Networks in 65-nm CMOS
Benoit Larras, Paul Chollet, Cyril Lahuec, Fabrice Seguin, Matthieu Arzel
Neuromorphic Applications
Conversion of Analog to Spiking Neural Networks Using Sparse Temporal Coding
Bodo Rueckauer, Shih-Chii Liu
A Neuromorphic Approach to Path Integration: a Head-Direction Spiking Neural Network with Vision-Driven Reset
Raphaela Kreiser, Matteo Cartiglia, Julien Martel, Jörg Conradt, Yulia Sandamirskaya
Event-Based Plane-Fitting Optical Flow for Dynamic Vision Sensors in FPGA
Garrick Orchard, Myo Tun Aung, Rodney Teo
On-Line Event-Driven Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Surface Electromyographic Signals
Paolo Motto Ros, Stefano Sapienza, David Alejandro Fernandez Guzman, Fabio Rossi, Rossana Terracciano, Elisa Cordedda, Danilo Demarchi
An Intrinsic Method for Fast Parameter Update on the SpiNNaker Platform
Bernabe Linares-Barranco, Mikel Soto, Teresa Serrano-Gotarredona
VV 2.1
Acquisition and Processing Techniques for Industrial Nondestructive Evaluation I
Modal Analysis of Structures with Low-Cost Embedded Systems
Davide Brunelli, Alberto Girolami, Federica Zonzini, Luca De Marchi, Luca Benini
Turbomachinery Clearance Monitoring Based on Passive Variable Reluctance Magnetic Sensors
Tommaso Addabbo, Mauro Di Marco, Ada Fort, Elia Landi, Marco Mugnaini, Valerio Vignoli, Gianluca Ferretti
Guided Wave Based Acoustic Communications in Structural Health Monitoring Systems in the Presence of Structural Defects
Christian Kexel, Moritz Mälzer, Jochen Moll
Coded Excitation, Motion and Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Frederic Cegla, Balint Herdovics
Acquisition and Processing Techniques for Industrial Nondestructive Evaluation II
Range Sidelobes Reduction for Pulse-Compression NDT Based on Reactance Transformation
Marco Ricci, Pietro Burrascano, Stefano Laureti, Luca Senni
A Multi-Frequency NDT System for Imaging and Detection of Cracks
Jorge Ricardo Salas Avila, Ziqi Chen, Hanyang Xu, Wuliang Yin
Piezo-Transducer's Shape Design As a Pre-Processing Tool in Guided Wave Inspections
Luca De Marchi, Nicola Testoni, Alessandro Marzani
An Embedded Environmental Control Micro-Chamber System for RRAM Memristor Characterisation
Tom Abbey, Alexantrou Serb, Nikos Vasilakis, Loukas Michalas, Ali Khiat, Spyros Stathopoulos, Themis Prodromakis
Modeling & Analysis of Complex Connected Infrastructures & Systems: Complex Network Perspective
Effect of Malware Spreading on Propagation of Cascading Failure in Cyber-Coupled Power Systems
Dong Liu, Xi Zhang, Chi Kong Tse
Measuring Cohesion of Software Systems Using Weighted Directed Complex Networks
Jie Zhang, Jiajing Wu, Yongxiang Xia, Fanghua Ye
Fault Prediction and Modelling in Transport Networks
Ashleigh Ballantyne, Nicholas Lawrance, Michael Small, Melinda Hodkiewicz, David Burton
Producing Complex Networks Using Coupled Oscillatory Circuits with Evolutionary Connections
Yoko Uwate, Thomas Ott, Yoshifumi Nishio
Bounded Rationality Optimizes the Performance of Networked Systems in Prisoner's Dilemma Game
Xiongrui Xu, Zhihai Rong, Chi Kong Tse
Modelling, Design, Diagnostics & Control of Power Converters with Nonlinear Passive Power Components
On the Benefit of Adopting Saturable Inductors in Switching-Mode Power-Supplies: a Case Study
Angelo Brambilla, Federico Bizzarri, Lorenzo Codecasa, Sergio Callegari
Ripple Suppression of on-Chip Switched-Inductor Power Supplies
Devon Janke, Gabriel Rincón-Moras
A Multi-Step Approach to the Single Fault Diagnosis of DC-DC Switched Power Converters
Alberto Reatti, Igor Aizenberg, Fabio Corti, Francesco Grasso, Antonio Luchetta, Stefano Manetti, Maria Cristina Piccirilli, Marian K. Kazimierczuk
Accurate Prediction of Resonant Converters' ZVS Behavior in the Time Domain
Julian Dobusch, Christian Oeder, Markus Barwig, Thomas Duerbaum
Prediction of Subharmonic Oscillation in a PV-Fed Quadratic Boost Converter with Nonlinear Inductors
Abdelali El Aroudi
VV G.5
Virtual Reality & 3D Video Systems
Perceptual Quality Assessment of Omnidirectional Images
Jiantao Zhou, Huiyu Duan, Guangtao Zhai, Xiongkuo Min, Yucheng Zhu, Yi Fang, Xiaokang Yang
Modeling the Perceptual Impact of Viewport Adaptation for Immersive Video
Yan Huang, Shaowei Xie, Yiling Xu, Qiaojian Qian, Qiu Shen, Zhan Ma, Wenjun Zhang
Projection Deformation Based Motion Compensation for Panoramic Video
Lu Yu, Ruidi Zheng, Xuchang Huangfu, Yule Sun
Ambidextrous Virtual Keyboard Design with Finger Gesture Recognition
Hyuk-Jae Lee, Tae-Ho Lee
High Efficient Architecture for 3D-HEVC DMM-1 Decoder Targeting 1080p Videos
Daniel Palomino, Gustavo Sanchez, Luciano Agostini, César Marcon
Computing Architecture for Multimedia Content Analysis
A 65 fps Full-HD Hardware Implementation of HOG, HOF, MBHx, and MBHy for Real-Time Action Recognition
Zhi-Yi Lin, Jia-Lin Chen, Liang-Gee Chen
A 46.1 fps Global Matching Optical Flow Estimation Processor for Action Recognition in Mobile Devices
Juhyoung Lee, Changhyeon Kim, Sungpill Choi, Dongjoo Shin, Sanghoon Kang, Hoi-Jun Yoo
Computation-Performance Optimization of Convolutional Neural Networks with Redundant Kernel Removal
Chih-Ting Liu, Yi-Heng Wu, Yu-Sheng Lin, Shao-Yi Chien
Weather-Based Road Condition Estimation in the Era of Internet-of-Vehicles (IoV)
Iraklis Anagnostopoulos, Ioannis Galanis, Priyaa Gurunathan, Dona Burkard
Fog Computing and Efficient Resource Management in the Era of Internet-of-Video Things (IoVT)
Iraklis Anagnostopoulos, Sai Saketh Nandan Perala, Ioannis Galanis
Multirate Signal Processing
Hardware Architectures for Computing 8-Point Cosine Number Transform
Juliano Lima, Jose Oliveira Neto
A Novel Interpolation Method for Polar Signals in Radio Frequency Transmitters
Alexander Klinkan, Eugen Pfann, Mario Huemer
Comparing the Wavelet OFDM and Windowed OFDM Data Rate for in-Home PLC
Freddy-Albert Pinto-Benel, Manuel Blanco-Velasco, Fernando Cruz-Roldán
An Iterative Reweighted Minimax Algorithm for the Design of FRM-Based Two-Channel QMF Banks
Zhiping Lin, Ruijie Zhao, Xiaoping Lai
Improving Comb Alias Rejection Using Modified Cosine Filters
Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek
Image Processing I
A Star Pattern Recognition Technique Based on the Binary Pattern Formed from the FFT Coefficients
Deval Samirbhai Mehta, Shoushun Chen
Spectral Redundancy Compensation in Multi-Static Millimeter-Wave Imaging
Mahdi Shabany, Mahmoud Kazemi, Zahra Kavehvash
Hybrid K-Means Clustering and Support Vector Machine Method for via and Metal Line Detections in Delayered IC Images
Deruo Cheng, Yiqiong Shi, Tong Lin, Bah-Hwee Gwee, Kar-Ann Toh
oint Enhancement and Denoising Method via Sequential Decomposition
Xutong Ren, Mading Li, Wen-Huang Cheng, Jiaying Liu
LETRIST: Locally Encoded Transform Feature Histogram for Rotation-Invariant Texture Classification
Tiecheng Song, Hongliang Li, Fanman Meng, Qingbo Wu, Jianfei Cai
Daniel P.K. Lun
Mini tutorial
Automotive LIDAR Technology Breakthroughs – Old Wine in New Bottles?
Harvey Weinberg
Franco Maloberti
The Digital Transformation: Connecting The Sand to The Cloud
Alessandro Cremonesi
Mentorship Event for YPP: Opportunities with IEEE CASS
Mentorship Event for YPP: Opportunities with IEEE CASS
O. O.
Mini tutorial
Part 1 - Fundamentals and Advances in Power Integrity in High- Speed Low Power Designs
Ram Achar, Jai Narayan Tripathi
Part 2 - Fundamentals and Advances in Power Integrity in High- Speed Low Power Designs
Ram Achar
Parte 3
Ram Achar
Mini tutorial
Power-Aware Testing in the Era of IoT
Patrick Girard, Xiaoqing Wen
Award Cerimony
Awards Ceremony
Gianluca Setti, Yong Lian, Franco Maloberti
ISCAS 2019 Presentation
Takao Onoye
VV G.6
A Voltage Controlled Oscillator Using IGZO Thin-Film Transistors
Pydi Bahubalindruni, Tejaswini Keragodu, Bhawna Tiwari, Wadhwa Nishtha, Joeo Goes, Pedro Barquinha
On Carving Basic Boolean Functions on Graphene Nanoribbons Conduction Maps
Yande Jiang, Nicoleta Cucu Laurenciu, Sorin Cotofana
A Robust and Self-Adaptive Clocking Technique for RSFQ Circuits – the Architecture
Peter A. Beerel, Ramy N. Tadros
Evaluation of SRAM Vmin Shift Induced by Random Telegraph Noise (RTN): Physical Understanding and Prediction Method
Shaofeng Guo, Zhenghan Lin, Runsheng Wang, Dongyuan Mao, Yangyuan Wang, Ru Huang
Bistability in a CMOS-MEMS Thermally Tuned Microbeam Resonator
Joan Barceló, Ivan De Paúl, Sebastià Bota, Jaume Segura, Jaume Verd
Nano Devices for IoT Applications
Optimizing Incremental Step Pulse Programming for RRAM Through Device-Circuit co-Design
Jen-Chieh Liu, Tzu-Yun Wu, Tuo-Hung Hou
Novel Time-Based Sensing Scheme for STT-MRAMs
Massimo Alioto, Quang-Kien Trinh, Sergio Ruocco
Embedded MRAM Macro for eFlash Replacement
Artur Antonyan, Suksoo Pyo, Hyuntaek Jung, Taejoong Song
A Novel Convolution Computing Paradigm Based on NOR Flash Array with High Computing Speed and Energy Efficient
Runze Han, Peng Huang, Yachen Xiang, Chen Liu, Zhen Dong, Zhiqiang Su, Yongbo Liu, Lu Liu, Xiaoyan Liu, Jinfeng Kang
A 0.20-V to 0.25-V, Sub-nW, Rail-to-Rail, 10-Bit SAR ADC for Self-Sustainable IoT Applications
Soon-Jyh Chang, Hao-Chiao Hong, Yi Chiu
FeFET Circuits & Nonvolatile Memory
onvolatile Lookup Table Design Based on Ferroelectric Field-Effect Transistors
Xiaoming Chen, Michael Niemier, Xiaobo Sharon Hu
Demonstration of Versatile Nonvolatile Logic Gates in 28nm HKMG FeFET Technology
Evelyn Tina Breyer, Halid Mulaosmanovic, Stefan Slesazeck, Thomas Mikolajick
Radiation Hardening Design for Spin-Orbit Torque Magnetic Random Access Memory
Bi Wang, Zhaohao Wang, Kaihua Cao, Youguang Zhang, Yuanfu Zhao, Weisheng Zhao
Application-Aware Autonomous SCM Capacity Adjustment for SCM and NAND Flash Pooled Storage
Chihiro Matsui, Ken Takeuchi
Free Binary Decision Diagram Based Synthesis of Compact Crossbars for in-Memory Computing
Dwaipayan Chakraborty, Amad Hassen, Sumit Kumar Jha
Memristive Devices
Exploiting the Non-Linear Current-Voltage Characteristics for Resistive Memory Readout
Nikolaos Papandreou, Abu Sebastian, Haralampos Pozidis
An Approximated Verilog-A Model for Memristive Devices
Nicola Lupo, Edoardo Bonizzoni, Eduardo Pérez, Christian Wenger, Franco Maloberti
OxRAM Resistive Switching for DR Improvement
Ashwani Kumar, Mukul Sarkar, Manan Suri
An Excitation Time Model for General-Purpose Memristance Tuning Circuit
Thanasin Bunnam, Ahmed Soltan, Danil Sokolov, Alex Yakovlev
Metal Oxide-Enabled Reconfigurable Memristive Threshold Logic Gates
Georgios Papandroulidakis
PA G.1
Mixed-Signal Circuits for Machine Learning
On-Device Learning in Memristor Spiking Neural Networks
Abdullah Zyarah, Nicholas Soures, Dhireesha Kudithipudi
High-Level Simulation for Spiking Neuromorphic Computing Systems
Nicholas Skuda, Catherine Schuman, Gangotree Chakma, James Plank, Garrett Rose
Implementation of Linear Discriminant Classifier in 130nm Silicon Process
Md Munir Hasan, Jeremy Holleman
Energy-Efficient CMOS Memristive Synapses for Mixed-Signal Neuromorphic System-on-a-Chip
Vishal Saxena, Xinyu Wu, Kehan Zhu
Energy-Efficient Serialized Walsh-Hadamard Transform Based Feature-Extraction for Information- Aware Compressive Sensing
Vishal Saxena, Arya Rahimi, Huan Hu, Krishnamoorthy Sivakumar, Subhanshu Gupta
EDA & Machine Learning - A Mutual Relationship in the Internet of Things Era
Opportunities for Machine Learning in Electronic Design Automation
Peter A. Beerel, Massoud Pedram
A Machine Learning-Based Strategy for Efficient Resource Management of Video Encoding on Heterogeneous MPSoCs
Arman Iranfar, William Simon, Marina Zapater, David Atienza
Deep Learning for Logic Optimization Algorithms
Winston Haaswijk, Edo Collins, Benoit Seguin, Mathias Soeken, Frédéric Kaplan, Sabine Süsstrunk, Giovanni De Micheli
Design Automation for Binarized Neural Networks: a Quantum Leap Opportunity?
Luca Benini, Manuele Rusci, Lukas Cavigelli
Stochastic Functional Verification of DNN Design Through Progressive Virtual Dataset Generation
Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, Jinhang Choi, Kevin Irick, Justin Hardin, Weichao Qiu, Alan Yuille, Jack Sampson
Learning Based Video Coding
Convolutional Neural Network-Based Motion Compensation Refinement for Video Coding
Yan Huang, Shuai Huo, Dong Liu, Feng Wu, Houqiang Li
CNN-Based Bi-Directional Motion Compensation for High Efficiency Video Coding
Shanshe Wang, Zhenghui Zhao, Shiqi Wang, Xinfeng Zhang, Siwei Ma, Jiansheng Yang
Reinforcement Learning for HEVC/H.265 Intra-Frame Rate Control
Jun-Hao Hu, Wen-Hsiao Peng, Chia-Hua Chung
Masking Effects Based Rate Control Scheme for High Efficiency Video Coding
Yan Huang, Hao Wang, Li Song, Rong Xie, Zhengyi Luo, Xiangwen Wang
A Frame Level Rate Control Algorithm for Screen Content Coding
Shanshe Wang, Junru Li, Shiqi Wang, Siwei Ma, Wen Gao
Digital Design for Deep Learning
An Approximate Memory Architecture for a Reduction of Refresh Power Consumption in Deep Learning Applications
Duy Thanh Nguyen, Hyuk-Jae Lee
Efficient Fixed/Floating-Point Merged Mixed- Precision Multiply-Accumulate Unit for Deep Learning Processors
Seok-Bum Ko, Hao Zhang, Hyuk-Jae Lee
Bit-Width Adaptive Accelerator Design for Convolution Neural Network
Jianxin Guo, Shouyi Yin, Peng Ouyang, Fengbin Tu, Shibin Tang, Leibo Liu, Shaojun Wei
Multiplication by Inference Using Classification Trees: a Case-Study Analysis
Roberto G. Rizzo, Andrea Calimera, Valerio Tenace
A 219-µW 1D-to-2D-Based Priority Encoder on 65-nm SOTB CMOS
Trong-Thuc Hoang, Xuan-Thuan Nguyen, Hong-Thu Nguyen, Katsumi Inoue, Cong-Kha Pham
PA 1.1
FPGA Design I
A Fast Modular Inversion FPGA Implementation Over GF(2^m) Using Modified X²n Unit
Jiakun Li, Zhe Li, Chengbo Xue, Jingqi Zhang, Wei Gao, Shan Cao
Design of Real-Time FPGA-Based Embedded System for Stereo Vision
Stefania Perri, Fabio Frustaci, Fanny Spagnolo, Pasquale Corsonello
A Trojan-Invalidating Circuit Based on Signal Transitions and its FPGA Implementation
Kento Hasegawa, Masao Yanagisawa, Nozomu Togawa
A FPGA-Based RO PUF with LUT-Based Self-Compare Structure and Adaptive Counter Time Period Tuning
Jiayan Gan, Jun Zhou, Ning Wang
Towards a Multi-Array Architecture for Accelerating Large-Scale Matrix Multiplication on FPGAs
Yande Jiang, Junzhong Shen, Yuran Qiao, You Huang, Mei Wen, Chunyuan Zhang
FPGA Design II
Flexible and Dynamically Reconfigurable FPGA-Based FS-FBMC Baseband Modulator
Mário Lopes Ferreira, João Canas Ferreira
FPGA-Based Convolutional Neural Network Architecture with Reduced Parameter Requirements
Faiq Khalid, Muluken Hailesellasie, Syed Rafay Hasan, Falah Awwad, Muhammad Shafique
Carrier Phase Recovery of 64 GBd Optical 16-QAM Using Extensive Parallelization on an FPGA
Konstantinos Maragos, Vatistas Kostalampros, George Lentaris, Dimitrios Soudris, Christos Spatharakis, Nikos Argyris, Hercules Avramopoulos, Stefanos Dris, Andre Richter
A Hardware Accelerator for Anisotropic Diffusion Filtering in FPGA
Guilherme Weidle Jr., Felipe Viel, Douglas de Melo, Cesar Zeferino
IbIS: Interface-Based Interconnection Structure for Dynamically Reconfigurable FPGAs
Ludovica Bozzoli, Luca Sterpone
Intelligent Circuits & Systems for Autonomous Driving
Using Motion Primitives to Enforce Vehicle Motion Constraints in Sampling-Based Optimal Planners
Basak Sakcak, Luca Bascetta, Gianni Ferretti, Maria Prandini
A Speed Planner Approach Based on Bézier Curves Using Vehicle Dynamic Constrains and Passengers Comfort
Ray Lattarulo, Enrique Martí, Mauricio Marcano, Jose Matute, Joshue Pérez
Extensions of ACC Technology Toward Ad Hoc Platooning with Guaranteed String Stability and Improved Tracking Performance
Gábor Rödönyi
Traffic Flow-Oriented Design and Analysis of an Adaptive Cruise Control System
Ernest Benedito, Arnau Dòria-Cerezo, Cristian Kunusch, Josep M. Olm
Circuits Systems & Methods for Automotive
Approaches for Improving the Failure Rate Analysis for Automotive IC Designs across the Product Lifecycle
Art Schaldenbrand
Methods and Techniques for Improving Reliability for Automotive IC Designs
Anthony M. Hill
Threshold-Free Interference Cancellation Method for Automotive FMCW Radar Systems
Matthias Wagner, Fisnik Sulejmani, Alexander Melzer, Paul Meissner, Mario Huemer
Design of a Half-Rate Receiver for a 10Gbps Automotive Serial Interface with 1-Tap-Unrolled 4-Taps DFE and Custom CDR Algorithm
Andrea Bandiziol, Werner Grollitsch, Francesco Brandonisio, Matteo Bassi, Roberto Nonis, Pierpaolo Palestri
A Novel Readout Technique for Magnetoresistive Sensors in Automotive Anti-Lock Braking Systems
Marvin Sandner, Kris Rohrmann, Phil Meier, Marcus Prochaska
PA 1.2
Design, Automation, Simulation Methodologies & Tools for Connected & Collaborative Cyber-Physical Systems
A Compact PV Panel Model for Cyber-Physical Systems in Smart Cities
Massimo Poncino, Sara Vinco, Lorenzo Bottaccioli, Edoardo Patti, Andrea Acquaviva
A Framework for the Design and Simulation of Embedded Vision Applications Based on OpenVX and ROS
Stefano Aldegheri, Nicola Bombieri, Nicola Dall'Ora, Franco Fummi, Simone Girardi, Marco Panato
Multi-Domain Coupling for Automated Synthesis of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems
Debayan Roy, Michael Balszun, Thomas Heurung, Samarjit Chakraborty
Methodology Towards Sub-Ppm Testing of Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs for Cyber-Physical Systems
Georges Gielen, Baris Esen, Wim Dobbelaere, Ronny Vanhooren, Anthony Coyette, Nektar Xama
Data-Aware Digital Circuit Design
SRAM Cell with Data-Aware Power-Gating Write- Asist for Near-Threshold Operation
Tae Woo Oh, Seong-Ook Jung
A Systematic Method for Approximate Circuit Design Using Feature Selection
Ling Qiu, Yingjie Lao
Transient Clock Power Estimation of Pre-CTS Netlist
Yonghwi Kwon, Jinwook Jung, Inhak Han, Youngsoo Shin
Power Efficient Approximate Booth Multiplier
Seok-Bum Ko, Suganthi Venkatachalam, Hyuk-Jae Lee
Adaptive VC Partitioning for NoCs in GPGPUs
Sheng Ma, Hongyi Lu, Libo Huang, Li Shen, Yang Guo, Zhiying Wang, Wenliang Xue
Signal Integrity & Verification
Investigation on the Gate Bias Voltage of BigFET in Power-Rail ESD Clamp Circuit for Enhanced Transient Noise Immunity
Guangyi Lu, Yuan Wang, Lizhong Zhang, Yize Wang, Ru Huang, Xing Zhang
Characterizing Noise Pulse Effects on the Power Consumption of Idle Digital Cells
Mauro Olivieri, Usman Khalid, Antonio Mastrandrea, Francesco Menichelli
Computer Algebraic Approach to Verification and Debugging of Galois Field Multipliers
Maciej Ciesielski, Tiankai Su, Atif Yasin, Cunxi Yu
Library Optimization for Near-Threshold Voltage Design
Daijoon Hyun, Jaewoo Seo, Youngsoo Shin
Application-Driven Synthesis of Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable-Precision Operators
Daniele Jahier Pagliari, Massimo Poncino
Circuit Reliability & Testing
A Triple-Point Model for Circuit-Level Reliability Analysis
Rashid Rashidzadeh, Chunhong Chen, Jinchen Cai, Suoyue Zhan
Digital Self-Interference Cancellation for OFDM Full- Duplex Transmission in 60 GHz Band
Chih-Wei Jen, Hung-Wei Yang, Hsun-Wei Chan, Chun-Yi Liu, Henry Lopez, Hung-Chih Liu, Shyh-Jye Jou
An LSSD Compliant Scan Cell for Flip-Flops
Fernando Moraes, Leonardo Juracy, Matheus Moreira, Felipe Kuentzer, Alexandre Amory
Scalable Fault Coverage Estimation of Sequential Circuits Without Fault Injection
Spyros Tragoudas, Pavan Kumar Javvaji, Ganesh Kondapuram
TMR Group Coding Method for Optimized SEU and MBU Tolerant Memory Design
Yi Jin, Yuxiang Huan, Haoming Chu, Zhuo Zou, Lirong Zheng
PA 1.3
CAS-T: Low-Power Analog for IoT
Infrastructure Circuits for Lifetime Improvement of Ultra-Low Power IoT Devices
Aatmesh Shrivastava, Nasim Shafiee, Shikhar Tewari, Benton Calhoun
Design and Analysis of 2.4 GHz 30 µW CMOS LNAs for Wearable WSN Applications
Ehsan Kargaran, Danilo Manstretta, Rinaldo Castello
A Single-Chip Solar Energy Harvesting IC Using Integrated Photodiodes for Biomedical Implant Applications
Man-Kay Law, Zhiyuan Chen, Pui-In Mak, Rui PauloMartins
Nanopower, Sub-1 V, CMOS Voltage References with Digitally-Trimmable Temperature Coefficients
Filipe Vinci dos Santos, Peter Luong, Carlos Christoffersen, Conrado Rossi-Aicardi, Carlos Dualibe
A Low-Noise CMOS Image Sensor with Digital Correlated Multiple Sampling
Nan Chen, Shengyou Zhong, Mei Zou, Jiqing Zhang, Zhongshun Ji, Libin Yao
Systems for IoT & Applications
Challenges with Realizing a Dream IOT System: Always ON, Always Sensing, Maintenance-Free Platforms
Tanay Karnik, Sriram Vangal, Dileep Kurian, Somnath Paul, Paolo Aseron, Anu Srinivasan
Technologies for the Internet of Things
Hendrik F. Hamann
Toward Enabling Automated Cognition and Decision- Making in Complex Cyber-Physical Systems
Peter A. Beerel, Paul Bogdan, Massoud Pedram
Smart Wearable Wristband for EMG Based Gesture Recognition Powered by Solar Energy Harvester
Victor Javier Kartsch, Simone Benatti, Mattia Mancini, Michele Magno, Luca Benini
n IoT Endpoint System-on-Chip for Secure and Energy-Efficient Near-Sensor Analytics
Francesco Conti, Robert Schilling, Pasquale Davide Schiavone, Antonio Pullini, Davide Rossi, Frank KaganGürkaynak, Michael Muehlberghuber, Michael Gautschi, Igor Loi, Germain Haugou, Stefan Mangard, Luca Benini
Circuits & Systems for Compressed Sensing in the Internet of Things Era
Resource Redistribution in Internet of Things Applications by Compressed Sensing: a Survey
Mauro Mangia, Alex Marchioni, Cesar H. Pimentel-Romero, Fabio Pareschi, Riccardo Rovatti, Gianluca Setti
Correlation-Aware Recovery of Compressible and Localized Signals
Valerio Cambareri
Using Deep Learning to Extract Scenery Information in Real Time Spatiotemporal Compressed Sensing
Xiao Wang, Jie Zhang, Tao Xiong, Trac Tran, Sang Chin, Ralph Etienne-Cummings
Spatio-Temporal Compressed Sensing for Real-Time Wireless EEG Monitoring
Bathiya Senevirathna, Pamela Abshire
Compressive Sensing As Applied to Antenna Arrays: Synthesis, Diagnosis, and Processing
Giacomo Oliveri, Andrea Massa, Michael Bertolli, Giorgio Gottardi, Abdul Hannan, Davide Marcantonio, Alessandro Polo, Fabrizio Robol, Paolo Rocca, Federico Viani
Compressed Sensing
Rakeness-Based Compressed Sensing of Multiple- Graph Signals for IoT Applications
Fabio Pareschi, Mauro Mangia, Rohan Varma, Riccardo Rovatti, Jelena Kovacevic, Gianluca Setti
Improved Lorentzian Greedy Iterative Algorithm Based on Bi-Directional Support Estimation for Compressed Sensing
Weiping Zhu, Yunyun Ji, Jun Yan
Robust Sparse Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Based on Maximum Correntropy Criterion
Siyuan Peng, Wee Ser, Zhiping Lin, Badong Chen
Comparison of Implementation and Recovery for Multi Channel Compressed Sensing
Heiner Lange, Sebastian Schmale, Dagmar Peters-Drolshagen, Steffen Paul
Sparse Signal Reconstruction Using Multi-Sequential Lp Optimization
Jeevan Pant, Sridhar Krishnan
PA 1.4
Neuroengineering: Devices, Data processing & Applications
Closed-Loop Electrophysiology: Past, Present and Future Perspectives and Applications
Michela Chiappalone, Stefano Buccelli, Jacopo Tessadori, Ilaria Colombi, Laura Martines, Marta Bisio, Alberto Averna, Marianna Semprini, Valentina Pasquale
Brain-on-a Chip Technologies for Investigating Neuronal Diseases: Toward Precision Medicine Applications
Monica Frega, Britt Mossink, Katrin Linda, Jason Keller, Dirk Schubert, Nael Nadif Kasri
Assessing Perturbations to Neural Spiking Response Dynamics Caused by Electrical Microstimulation
David Guggenmos, Maxwell Murphy, Caleb Dunham, Randolph Nudo, Alberto Averna
Development and Applications of Biomimetic Neuronal Networks Towards BrainMorphic Artificial Intelligence (BMAI)
Timothée Levi, Takuya Nanami, Atsuya Tange, Kazuyuki Aihara, Takashi Kohno
Large Scale High-Density Neuro-Electronic Interfaces for Monitoring and Stimulating Neuronal Networks
Marco Aquila, Alessandro Maccione, Imfeld Kilian, Mauro Gandolfo, Sergio Martinoia
Analog for BioCAS
Trends in Microelectronics and Resulting Opportunities for Personalized Medical Applications
Ralf Brederlow
Wireless EEG System Achieving High Throughput and Reduced Energy Consumption Through Lossless and Near- Lossless Compression
Julian Oreggioni, Guillermo Dufort Y Alvarez, Federico Favaro, Federico Lecumberry, Alvaro Martin, Juan Pablo Oliver, Ignacio Ramirez, Leonardo Steinfeld, Gadiel Seroussi
Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Capacitive Link for Wireless Power Transfer to Biomedical Implants
Pedram Mohseni, Reza Erfani, Fatemeh Marefat, Amir Sodagar
A Power-Efficient Reconfigurable OTA-C Filter for Low-Frequency Biomedical Applications
Hui-Chun Huang, Sheng-Yu Peng, Yu-Hsien Lee, Tzu-Yun Wang, Min-Rui Lai, Chiang-Hsi Lee, Li-Han Liu
Differential Electrochemical Readout ASIC with Heterogeneous Integration of Bio-Nano Sensors for Amperometric Sensing
Sara S. Ghoreishizadeh, Pantelis Georgiou, Irene Taurino, Giovanni De Micheli, Sandro Carrara
Flexible Hybrid-Printed Electronics Systems for Healthcare Applications
Screen Printed Tactile Sensing Arrays for Prosthetic Applications
Hoda Fares, Lucia Seminara, Luigi Pinna, Maurizio Valle, Jonas Groten, Matthias Hammer, Martin Zirkl, Barbara Stadlober
A Flexible Printed Radio Frequency Direction Finder Using Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors
Brandon Wright, Reza Kamali-Sarvestani, Kawin Triyasakorn
Printing of Temperature and Humidity Sensors on Flexible Substrates for Biomedical Applications
Philippe Descent, Christian Fayomi, Ricardo Izquierdo
An Improved pH Mapping Bandage with Thread- Based Sensors for Chronic Wound Monitoring
Boyang Lyu, Meera Punjiya, Zimple Matharu, Sameer Sonkusale
Flexible Hybrid Electronics: Review and Challenges
Tong Ge, Jia Zhou, Joseph Sylvester Chang
Wearable/Ingestible Technology
Towards a High Accuracy Wearable Hand Gesture Recognition System Using EIT
Yu Wu, Dai Jiang, Jifang Duan, Xiao Liu, Richard Bayford, Andreas Demosthenous
A Flash-FPGA Based Rodent Control System for Closed-Loop Optogenetic Control of Epilepsy
Lijuan Xia, Ahmed Soltan, Junwen Luo, Graeme Chester, Patrick Degenaar
Triple-Band Transmitter with a Shared Dual-Band Antenna and Adaptive Matching for an Intraoral Tongue Drive System
Maysam Ghovanloo, Fanpeng Kong, Muhammad Zada, Hyoungsuk Yoo
Minimally Invasive Pseudo-Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring: Results from in-Vitro and in-Vivo Testing of the eTac
Robert Wilkes, Gang Wang, Carol Huang, Orly Yadid-Pecht, Martin Mintchev
Pediatric Size Swallowable Glass Pill for Digestive Motility Analysis
Onur Kazanc, Jose Luis Merino, Nicolas Brunner, Vincent Schlageter, Michel Demierre, Catherine Dehollain
PA 2.2
Technology and Circuits for Communication
Characterization of an LVDS Link in 28 nm CMOS for Multi-Purpose Pattern Recognition
Francesco De Canio, Gianluca Traversi, Valentino Liberali, Alberto Stabile
A Wide-Tunning-Range Low-Phase-Noise Colpitts Oscillator with Variable Capacitive Feedback
Milad Haghi Kashani, Reza Molavi, Shahriar Mirabbasi
On the Design of Vertical-Turn Solenoids for Magnetically Isolated Densely Integrated LC Oscillators
Milad Haghi Kashani, Reza Molavi, Hormoz Djahanshahi, Shahriar Mirabbasi
Full-Duplex Wireless Transceiver Self-Interference Cancellation Through FD-SOI Buried-Gate Signaling
Faizan Ul Haq, Mikko Englund, Yury Antonov, Kari Stadius, Marko Kosunen, Jussi Ryynänen, Kim BÖstman, Kimmo Koli
Intercell Wireless Communication in Software-Defined Metasurfaces
Anna Tasolamprou, Mohammad Sajjad Mirmoosa, Odysseas Tsilipakos, Alexandros Pitilakis, Fu Liu, Sergi Abadal, Albert Cabellos-Aparicio, Eduard Alarcón, Christos Liaskos, Nikolaos Kantartzis, Sergei Tretyakov, Maria Kafesaki
Digitally Intensive RF & Baseband Signal Generation & Processing Architectures Targeting IoT
Comparison of Recently Developed Single-Bit All- Digital Frequency Synthesizers in Terms of Hardware Complexity and Performance
Charis Basetas, Nikos Temenos, Paul Peter Sotiriadis
High-Speed Nested Cascaded MASH Digital Delta- Sigma Modulator-Based Divider Controller
Yann Donnelly, Hongjia Mo, Michael Peter Kennedy
Adaptive Digital Pre-Emphasis for PLL-Based FMCW Modulators
Dmytro Cherniak, Luigi Grimaldi, Carlo Samori, Salvatore Levantino
Hybrid ?S Programmable Phase/Frequency Detector for IoT Chipsets
Ioannis Syllaios
A Digitally-Controlled Ring Oscillator in 28 nm CMOS Technology
Luca Frontini, Stefano Capra, Francesco Crescioli, Maroua Garci, Valentino Liberali
Error Correction Codes
A New Soft-Input Hard-Output Decoding Algorithm for Turbo Product Codes
Yaqi Wang, Jun Lin, Zhongfeng Wang, Jing Tian
Ultra-Compressed Three-Error-Correcting BCH Decoder
Xinmiao Zhang, Michael O'Sullivan
Area-Effcient Re-Encoding Scheme for NAND Flash Memory with Multimode BCH Error Correction
Arul Subbiah, Tokunbo Ogunfunmi
Lightweight Hardware Architecture for Probabilistic Gradient Descent Bit Flipping on QC-LDPC Codes
Khoa Le Trung, Fakhreddine Ghaffari, Lounis Kessal, David Declercq, Valentin Savin, Oana Boncalo
Reconfigurable Decoder for LDPC and Polar Codes
Ningyuan Yang, Shusen Jing, Anlan Yu, Xiao Liang, Zaichen Zhang, Xiaohu You, Chuan Zhang
Error-Correcting Codes for Next-Generation Memories
Perfect Column-Layered Two-Bit Message-Passing LDPC Decoder and Architectures
Xinmiao Zhang, Alex Bazarsky
Probabilistic Gradient Descent Bit-Flipping Decoders for Flash Memory Channels
Fakhreddine Ghaffari, Bane Vasic, Khoa Le Trung
Ultra-Fast Error Correction and Detection for Low- Latency Storage Applications with Emerging Memories
Marco Ferrari, Paolo Amato, Christophe Laurent, Marco Sforzin, Luca Barletta, Sandro Bellini
An Efficient NB-LDPC Decoding Algorithm for Next- Generation Memories
Jing Tian, Jun Lin, Zhongfeng Wang
Drift-Invariant Detection for Multilevel Phase- Change Memory
Milos Stanisavljevic, Thomas Mittelholzer, Nikolaos Papandreou, Thomas Parnell, Haralampos Pozidis
PA 2.3
Frequency Synthesizer
A Ka-Band Dual Co-Tuning Frequency Synthesizer with 21.9% Locking Range and Sub-200 fs RMS Jitter in CMOS for 5G mm-Wave Applications
Tianye He, Runxi Zhang, Hui Yang, Jiefu Wang, Chunqi Shi
A DDS-Driven ADPLL Chirp Synthesizer with Ramp- Interpolating Linearization for FMCW Radar Application in 65nm CMOS
Yuanjin Zheng, Liheng Lou, Kai Tang, Zhongyuan Fang, Bo Chen, Ting Guo, Zhe Liu
Frequency Synthesis Based on a Novel Differential Locking Mechanism
Duncan Elliott, Jinghang Liang
Observations Concerning Wandering Spurs in Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizers
Dawei Mai, Michael Peter Kennedy, Hongjia Mo, Sara Mangiapia, Ettore Napoli
A K-Band Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer with a Low Phase Noise LC VCO in 90nm CMOS
Zhenwu Wang, Sijia Jiang, Hanjun Jiang, Baoyong Chi
CAS-T: Analog Techniques for Wireless & Wireline Communication
Theoretical Analysis of Circuit Non-Idealities in a Passive Spectrum Scanner Based on Periodically Time- Varying Circuit Components
Sudhakar Pamarti, Neha Sinha
A Temperature Compensated Triple-Path PLL with KVCO Non-Linearity Desensitization Capable of Operating at 77 K
Ping Gui, Tianwei Liu, Xiaoran Wang, Rui Wang, Guoying Wu, Tao Zhang
A Fully Integrated Galvanically Isolated DC-DC Converter with Data Communication
Alessandro Parisi, Egidio Ragonese, Nunzio Spina, Alessandro Castorina, Pierpaolo Lombardo, Nunzio Greco, Giuseppe Palmisano
Design and Modeling of Serial Data Transceiver Architecture by Employing Multi-Tone Single-Sideband Signaling Scheme
Gain Kim, Thierry Barailler, Yusuf Leblebici, Chen Cao, Kiarash Gharibdoust
CAS-T: RF Receiver Frond-End Circuits
A General Theory of Phase Noise in Transconductor- Based Harmonic Oscillators
Federico Pepe, Pietro Andreani
Low 1/f³ Phase Noise Quadrature LC VCOs
Nagendra Krishnapura, Abhishek Bhat
On the Remarkable Performance of the Seriesresonance CMOS Oscillator
Federico Pepe, Andrea Bevilacqua, Pietro Andreani
A Fast-Locking All-Digital Multiplying DLL for Fractional-Ratio Dynamic Frequency Scaling
Jongsun Kim
Simplified Unified Analysis of Switched-RC Passive Mixers, Samplers and N-Path Filters Using the Adjoint Network
Shanthi Pavan, Eric Klumperink
Receiver Circuits
A Low Power SAW-Less 2.4-GHz Receiver with an LC Matched Series N-Path Filter
Zexue Liu, Heyi Li, Haoyun Jiang, Xiucheng Hao, Yi Tan, Junhua Liu, Huailin Liao
A Low Noise, Wide Dynamic Range TOF Laser Radar Receiver Based on Pulse Shaping Techniques
Aram Baharmast, Tarmo Ruotsalainen, Juha Kostamovaara
A Same-Channel Full-Duplex Receiver Using Direct RF Sampling
Abhishek Kumar, Radha Krishna Ganti, Sankaran Aniruddhan
Using VCO-OTA TIAs to Break the Gain, Linearity and Power Consumption Trade-Offs in Passive Mixer Based Direct-Conversion Receivers
Tanbir Haque, Sarthak Kalani, Rupal Gupta, Peter R. Kinget
A 1GHz 1.6mW Auto-Calibrated Bit Slicer for Energy/Envelope Detection Receivers
Xiaohua Huang, Dang Liu, Hanjun Jiang, Woogeun Rhee, Zhihua Wang
PA 2.4
Sigma-Delta ADCs I
Improved Chopping in Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Converters Using FIR Feedback and N-Path Techniques
Shanthi Pavan
Design Considerations of MASH ?S Modulators with GRO-Based Quantization
José M. de la Rosa, Mohammad Honarparvar, Frederic Nabki, Mohamad Sawan
Gain Mismatch Insensitive Time-Interleaved DAC for CT Delta Sigma Modulator by Application of a Three-State DAC
Ankesh Jain, Maurits Ortmanns
Correlation Based Time-Variant DAC Error Estimation in Continuous-Time S? ADCs with Pseudo Random Noise
Marcel Runge, Friedel Gerfers
On Incremental ?S Modulators with SNR and SQNR Enhancement by Recuperation Phase
Patrick Vogelmann, Johannes Wagner, Adrian Hänsler, Maurits Ortmanns
Sigma-Delta ADCs II
An Energy-Efficient 13-Bit Zero-Crossing ?S Capacitance-to-Digital Converter with 1 pF-to-10 nF Sensing Range
Xin Lou, Bing Li, Chuang Li, Wei Wang, Jia Liu, Wen-Jun Liu, Qian Yang, Wen-Bin Ye
A High-Resolution Delta-Sigma D/A Converter Architecture with High Tolerance to DAC Mismatch
Yanquan Luo, Liang Qi, Ankesh Jain, Maurits Ortmanns
Design of a 6th-Order Continuous-Time Bandpass Delta-Sigma Modulator with 250 MHz IF, 25 MHz Bandwidth, and Over 75 dB SNDR
Xi Yang, Hae-Seung Lee
An on-Chip Static and Dynamic DAC Error Correction Technique for High Speed Multibit Delta-Sigma Modulators
Debajit Basak, Sarthak Kalani, Peter R. Kinget, KongPang Pun
Interferer Induced Jitter Reduction in Bandpass CT S? Modulators for Receiver Applications
Jiazuo Chi, Ankesh Jain, Jens Sauerbrey, Joachim Becker, Maurits Ortmanns
Emerging Delta-Sigma Converters: Innovative Architectures & EDA Methodologies
Man or Machine - Design Automation of Delta-Sigma Modulators
Johannes Wagner, Maurits Ortmanns, José M. de la Rosa
What Architecture Should I Choose for My Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulator?
Shanthi Pavan, Siddharth Baskaran
Thermal Noise Limits — ?S Vs. Pipeline ADCs
Hajime Shibata
Low-Power Scaling-Friendly Ring Oscillator Based ?S ADC
Arindam Sanyal, Shaolan Li, Nan Sun
Changsok Han, Beomsoo Park, Nima Maghari
Innovations in CAS Education
Virtual Collaborative Environment for Support of Teamwork-Based Education of Analog IC Design
Andre Aita, Peter Prevedello
Educational Project on the Design of Interface Circuit for a Pirani Pressure Sensor
Ming Zhang, Arnaud Bournel, Nicolas Llaser
Circuit Implementations Teaching a Junior Level Circuits Course Utilizing the SoC FPAA
Jennifer Hasler
Tapeout Class: Taking Students from Schematic to Silicon in One Semester
David Burnett, Brian Kilberg, Rachel Zoll, Osama Khan, Kristofer S.J. Pister
VV 2.3
High Efficiency Converters & Drive Circuits for Specialised Applications
A New Pulse-Compression Circuit with Residual Energy Recovered
Xukun Liu, Xinjie Yu
Charge Balance Control for Improving the Load Transient Response on Dynamic Voltage Scaling(DVS) Buck Converter
Le-Ren Chang-Chien, Hung-Yu Chen
A Current-Source Sinusoidal Gate Driver for High- Frequency Applications
Alberto Reatti, Hur Jedi, Marian K. Kazimierczuk
A Comparative Study of Two Passive Regenerative Snubbers for Flyback Converters
Gerry Moschopoulos, Adel Alganidi
A Novel Analysis Procedure for Class E Oscillator
Fumiya Ebihara, Xiuqin Wei, Hiroo Sekiya, Tadashi Suetsugu
Other areas in Power & Energy Circuits and Systems
Experimental Performance Evaluation of Bi- Directional Converter for High Power Application
Jun-Hyuk Choi, Joon Sung Park, Byong Jo Hyon, Jin-Hong Kim, Bon-Gwan Gu
Interference of Spread-Spectrum Switching-Mode Power Converters and Low-Frequency Digital Lines
Francesco Musolino, Paolo Crovetti
Design Methodology in Wireless Power Transfer System for 3-D Stacked Multiple Receivers
Shusuke Yanagawa, Ryota Shimizu, Mototsugu Hamada, Toru Shimizu, Tadahiro Kuroda
Novel IPT Multi-Transmitter Coils with Increase Misalignment Tolerance and System Efficiency
Chayapas Sritongon, Paweewatch Wisestherrakul, Nattawut Hansupho, Supapong Nutwong, Anawach Sangswang, Sumate Naetiladdanon, Ekkachai Mujjalinvimut
Design and Control of an Integrated 3-Level Boost Converter Under DCM Operation
Chi-Seng Lam, Yiwei Tan, Sai-Weng Sin, Man-Chung Wong, Rui Paulo Martins
Power Energy Applications with Information Technology for Complex Smart Grids
An Adaptive Optimization Method for LFOD Enhancement in DFIG Integrated Smart Grids
Tyrone Fernando, Tat Kei Chau, Samson Shenglong Yu, HerbertHo-Ching Iu
Dynamic State Estimation for DFIG Wind Turbine with Stochastic Wind Speed in Power System
Bin Liu, Xin Lou, Zhen Li, Xuefei Mao, Meng Huang, Guoqing He, Xiangdong Liu
Demand Side Management in Direct Current Distribution Networks: Convergence and Optimality
Suli Zou, Zhongjing Ma, Guorong Zhu, Xiangdong Liu
Design of a Novel Three-Level Voltage Source Converter for AC-DC-AC Conversion
Zongbin Ye, Xianming Deng, Anni Chen, Zhiguo Zhang, Lingling Jiang, Dongsheng Yu
Evolving Graph Based Power System Ems Real Time Analysis Framework
Guangyi Liu, Xi Chen, Zhiwei Wang, Renchang Dai, Jingjin Wu, Chen Yuan, Jun Tan
On-line Identification, Control, & Optimization of Electric Power Systems
Identifying and Characterizing Non-Convexities in the Feasible Spaces of Optimal Power Flow Problems
Daniel Molzahn
Quantitative Indicators for Quality of Fit Assessment in Power System Model Validation Problems
Mani Vaithianathan Venkatasubramanian, Ebrahim Rezaei
Online Determination of Time Intervals for Statically Secure Distribution System Control
Thomas Halpin, Nicholas Coleman, Karen Miu
Jump Conditions for Second-Order Trajectory Sensitivities at Events
Sijia Geng, Ian Hiskens
Distributions of the Number of Solutions to the Network Power Flow Equations
Alisha Zachariah, Zachary Charles, Nigel Boston, Bernard Lesieutre
VV 2.2
Neural and Neuromorphic
Optimizing an Analog Neuron Circuit Design for Nonlinear Function Approximation
Alexander Neckar, Terrence Stewart, Ben Benjamin, Kwabena Boahen
A Quantized Training Method to Enhance Accuracy of ReRAM-Based Neuromorphic Systems
Qing Yang, Hai Li, Qing Wu
Low-Complexity Framework for Movement Classification Using Body-Worn Sensors
Dwaipayan Biswas, Koushik Maharatna, Goran Panic, Evangelos B. Mazomenos, Josy Achner, Jasmin Klemke, Michael Jöbges, Steffen Ortmann
Homeostatic Fault Tolerance in Spiking Neural Networks: a Dynamic Hardware Perspective
Anju Johnson, Junxiu Liu, Alan Millard, Shvan Karim, Andy Tyrrell, Jim Harkin, Jon Timmis, Liam McDaid, David Halliday
Charge-Based Neuromorphic Cell by InGaZnO Transistor and Implementation of Simple Scheme Spike- Timing-Dependent Plasticity
Chika Tanaka, Keiji Ikeda
CAS-T: Memristor Circuits
Memristor Circuits: Pulse Programming via Invariant Manifolds
Fernando Corinto, Mauro Forti
A Hybrid CMOS-Memristor Neuromorphic Synapse
Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi, Bernabe Linares-Barranco, Derek Abbott, Philip Leong
TIME - Tunable Inductors Using MEmristors
Nicolas Wainstein, Shahar Kvatinsky
Neuromorphic Architecture with 1M Memristive Synapses for Detection of Weakly Correlated Inputs
Stanislaw Wozniak, Angeliki Pantazi, Severin Sidler, Nikolaos Papandreou, Yusuf Leblebici, Evangelos Eleftheriou
Coupled Physarum-Inspired Memristor Oscillators for Neuron-Like Operations
Vasileios Ntinas, Ioannis Vourkas, Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis, Andrew Adamatzky, Antonio Rubio
Memristive and Resistive Crossbars
M²CA: Modular Memristive Crossbar Arrays
Alex James, Darya Mikhailenko, Chamika Liyanagedera, Kaushik Roy
HTM Spatial Pooler with Memristor Crossbar Circuits for Sparse Biometric Recognition
Alex James, Irina Fedorova, Timur Ibrayev, Dhireesha Kudithipudi
Logic Design on Mirrored Memristive Crossbars
Amirali Amirsoleimani, Majid Ahmadi, Arash Ahmadi
Memristor Crossbar for Adaptive Synchronization
Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis, Lucia Valentina Gambuzza, Mattia Frasca, Luigi Fortuna, Vasileios Ntinas, Ioannis Vourkas
Hybrid Write Bias Scheme for Non-Volatile Resistive Crossbar Arrays
Eby G. Friedman, Albert Ciprut
Circuits & Systems for Fully Programmable Metamaterials
An Optically-Programmable Absorbing Metasurface
Marco Antoniades, Kypros Kossifos, Julius Georgiou, Ayoub Jaafar, Neil Kemp
Phase-Change Metasurfaces for Dyamic Beam Steering and Beam Shaping in the Infrared
Carlota Ruiz de Galarreta, Arseny Alexeev, Jacopo Bertolotti, David Wright
Millimeter-Wave Propagation Within a Computer Chip Package
Sergi Abadal, Xavier Timoneda, Albert Cabellos-Aparicio, Dionysios Manessis, Jin Zhou, Antonio Franques, Josep Torrellas, Eduard Alarcón
Programmable Metasurfaces: State of the Art and Prospects
Fu Liu, Alexandros Pitilakis, Mohammad Mirmoosa, Odysseas Tsilipakos, Xuchen Wang, Anna Tasolamprou, Sergi Abadal, Albert Cabellos-Aparicio, Eduard Alarcón, Christos Liaskos, Nikolaos Kantartzis, Maria Kafesaki
Asynchronous Circuits As an Enabler of Scalable and Programmable Metasurfaces
Loukas Petrou, Petros Karousios, Julius Georgiou
VV 2.1
New Technologies & Models for Next-generation Fusion Reactors
Data Assimilation Approach to Analysing Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations
Wayne Arter, Ana Osojnik, Coralia Cartis, Godwin Madho, Chris Jones, Steve Tobias
Big Data Requirements in Current and Next Fusion Research Experiments
Gabriele Manduchi, Adriano Luchetta, Cesare Taliercio, Andrea Rigoni
A New Approach to Bolometric Tomography in Tokamaks
Teddy Craciunescu, Andrea Murari, Emmanuele Peluso, Michela Gelfusa
Modeling and Control of System of Systems: the Tokamak Scenario
Arturo Buscarino, Claudia Corradino, Luigi Fortuna
The Italian Proposal for a New Divertor Test Tokamak (DTT)
Giuseppe Mazzitelli
Complex Networks & Nonlinear Networked Control
Consensus Tracking of Multi-Agent Systems with Directed Switching Topology: a Multiple Lyapunov Functions Method
Guanghui Wen, Wei Xing Zheng
Robust Pinning Synchronization of Complex Network with Non-Linear Coupling Using Switching Control
Jyoti Mishra, Mahdi Jalili, Xinghuo Yu, Ali Moradi Amani
A New Metric to Find the Most Vulnerable Node in Complex Networks
Ali Moradi Amani, Mahdi Jalili, Xinghuo Yu, Lewi Stone
Analysis of Incremental Exponential Stability for Switched Nonlinear Systems
Peng Liu, Wei Xing Zheng, Guanghui Wen
Epidemic Spreading in Multiplex Networks with Markov and Memory Based Inter-Layer Dynamics
Miroslav Mirchev, Igor Mishkovski, Ljupco Kocarev
Nonlinear Theory, Analysis & Simulation in Circuits & Dynamical Systems Design I
Design of Minimal Synthetic Circuits with Sensory Feedback for Quadruped Locomotion
Matteo Lodi, Andrey Shilnikov, Marco Storace
Study of Amplitude Control and Dynamical Behaviors of a Memristive Band Pass Filter Circuit
Zbigniew Galias
Proposal, Analysis and Demonstration of Analog/Digital-Mixed Neural Networks Based on Memristive Device Arrays
Takao Marukame, Kumiko Nomura, Mari Matusmoto, Satoshi Takaya, Yoshifumi Nishi
Model Identification of Time-Varying Diffusive Systems
Manuel Domínguez-Pumar, Maria Teresa Atienza, Lukasz Kowalski, Sergi Gorreta, Joan Pons-Nin, Vicente Jiménez
Determinant-Based Hurwitz Test for Complex Matrices Over the Complex Unit Circumference and Applications in 2D Systems
Graziano Chesi
Nonlinear Theory, Analysis & Simulation in Circuits & Dynamical Systems Design II
he Urbanek Black Box Arc Model in Passive Resonance Circuit Breakers for HVDC Applications
Federico Bizzarri, Angelo Brambilla, Luca Ghezzi, Francesco Rigamonti
Novel Edge Comparator with Input Time Hysteresis for Improved Edges Arbitration
Jian Sen Teh, Liter Siek
On the Existence of the Double Scroll Attractor for the Chua's Circuit with a Smooth Nonlinearity
Zbigniew Galias, Warwick Tucker
Digital Nonlinear Oscillators in PLDs: Pitfalls and Open Perspectives for a Novel Class of True Random Number Generators
Tommaso Addabbo, Ada Fort, Marco Mugnaini, Valerio Vignoli, Miguel Garcia-Bosque
Computing Parametric LQRs for Polytopic Discrete- Time Systems
Graziano Chesi, Tiantian Shen
VV G.5
Image Processing II
Dual Recovery Network with Online Compensation for Image Super-Resolution
Jiaying Liu, Sifeng Xia, Wenhan Yang, Zongming Guo
Embedded Frame Compression for Energy-Efficient Computer Vision Systems
Li Guo, Dajiang Zhou, Jinjia Zhou, Shinji Kimura
FPGA Implementation of a Memory-Efficient Hough Parameter Space for the Detection of Lines
David Northcote, Louise Crockett, Paul Murray
A 0.78 mW Low-Power 4.02 High-Compression Ratio Less Than 10^-6 BER Error-Tolerant Lossless Image Compression Hardware for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy System
Jiwon Lee, Kyoung-Rog Lee, Hoi-Jun Yoo
Verification of Medication Dispensing Using the Attentive Computer Vision Approach
Roman Palenychka, Ahmed Lakhssassi, Myroslav Palenychka
CAS-T: Digital Filters
A Convex Combination of NLMS and ZA-NLMS for Identifying Systems with Variable Sparsity
Mrityunjoy Chakraborty, Bijit Kumar Das, Vinay Chakravarthi
Multipliers-Driven Perturbation of Coefficients for Low-Power Operation in Reconfigurable FIR Filters
Andrea Bonetti, Adam Teman, Philippe Flatresse, Andreas Burg
Design of Efficient Multiplierless Modified Cosine- Based Comb Decimation Filters: Analysis and Implementation
Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek, Ricardo Garcia Baez, Massimiliano Laddomada
Joint Sparsity and Order Optimization Based on ADMM with Non-Uniform Group Hard Thresholding
Ryo Matsuoka, Seisuke Kyochi, Shunsuke Ono, Masahiro Okuda
A Delay Relaxed RLS-DCD Algorithm for Real-Time Implementation
Geonu Kim, Hyuk Lee, Jinjoo Chung, Jungwoo Lee
Digital Filters
Minimum Roundoff Noise Realization for Variable IIR Digital Filters Based on M-D Polynomial Approximation
Shunsuke Koshita, Masahide Abe, Masayuki Kawamata
Enhanced Steiglitz-McBride Procedure for Minimax IIR Digital Filters
Wu-Sheng Lu, Takao Hinamoto
Spectral Parameter Approximation Based Tunable Digital Filters on Zynq SoC
Pydi Bahubalindruni, Gyan Deep, Sumit Darak, Payal Garg
Low-Complexity 4-D IIR Filters for Multi-Depth Filtering and Occlusion Suppression in Light Fields
Namalka Liyanage, Chamith Wijenayake, Chamira Edussooriya, Arjuna Madanayake, Pan Agathoklis, Eliathamby Ambikairajah, Len Bruton
Word Length Optimization of 2-D Wave Digital Filters with Weighted Quantization Error Variances
Lech Kolonko, Joerg Velten, Anton Kummert
Advances in Adaptive Filters
Normalized Least Mean-Square Algorithm with Variable Step Size Based on Diffusion Strategy
Sheng Zhang, Wei Xing Zheng
Robust Adaptive Filtering via Convex Combination of L0-RLS Adaptive Filters
Mrityunjoy Chakraborty, Bijit Kumar Das, Samrat Mukhopadhyay
A Robust Variable Forgetting Factor Qs- Decomposition Algorithm for Subspace Tracking
Jianqiang Lin, Shing-Chow Chan
Sparse Functional Link Adaptive Filter Using an l1- Norm Regularization
Danilo Comminiello, Michele Scarpiniti, Simone Scardapane, Aurelio Uncini
Auxiliary Noise Power Scheduling Based on Gradient of Error Power for Pre-Inverse Active Noise Control
Keisuke Okano, Takaki Itatsu, Naoto Sasaoka, Yoshio Itoh
Mini tutorials
Micro-Power Monolithic Switched-Capacitor Energy Harvesting Interface
Man-Kay Law
Gianluca Setti
Digital Manufacturing: From the FCA Journey to a General Framework
Mauro Bosio
Mini tutorial
Exploring Integrated Voltage References for Space Missions (and Other Harsh Environments)
Umberto Gatti
Future of ISCAS: Planning for 75th Conference Anniversary
General Co-Chair of ISCAS2017
Pamela Abshire
General Co-Chair of ISCAS2002 and ISCAS2008
David Allstot
General Co-Chair of ISCAS2015
Wouter Serdijn
General Co-Chair of ISCAS2001 and ISCAS2014
David Skellern
VV G.6
Late Breaking News on High Performance Digital Computing & Memories Session
Poisson-Based Binary Filter Kernel for Fast Edge- Preserving Image Filtering
Asim Khan, Hyun Sang Park, Chong-Min Kyung
Line Buffer Image for Fast Super Resolution Based Convolution Neural Network
Hiroshi Tsutsui, Watchara Ruangsang, Supavadee Aramvith, Takao Onoye
A Scalable Multi-Channel CMOS Mixer-Cell Ring Oscillator Dot Product Circuit for High-Throughput Computing
Srinivasan Gopal, Pawan Agarwal, Joe Baylon, Sheikh Nijam Ali, Md Aminul Hoque, Deukhyoun Heo
A Variation-Tolerant, Sneak-Current Compensated Readout Scheme for Cross-Point Memory Based on Two-Port Sensing Technique
Woorham Bae, Kyung Jean Yoon, Taeksang Song, Borivoje Nikolic
Stability and Reliability of Tunneling Transistor Based SRAM in Sub-10nm Domain
Masud H Chowdhury, Mahmood Uddin Mohammed
LATE BREAKING NEWS SESSION – WEDNESDAY, MAY 30 Late Breaking News on High Speed Serial Links and PLLs Session
A 35-Gb/s 0.65-pJ/b Asymmetric Push-Pull Inverter Based VCSEL Driver with Series Inductive Peaking in 65-nm CMOS
Hong-Seok Choi, Jeongho Hwang, Gyu-Seob Jeong, Deog-Kyoon Jeong
4.3V Tolerant Hysteretic Buck Converter in a 1.8V-28 nm CMOS Technology
Filippo Neri
Data-Transition Decision Feedback Equalizer with Edge- Emphasis Taps
Fei Yuan, Yue Li
A 0.0129 mm² 0.25 ~ 2.7 GHz Digital-Filter-Less ADPLL in 55nm CMOS
Guoxing Wang, Zhihong Luo, Benjamin Lau, Yong Lian, Chun-Huat Heng
A 5GHz Injection-Locked Phase-Locked Loop with 5.65mW Power Consumption and 298fsrms Integrated Jitter Using an All-Digital Injection- Timing Calibration
Min-Seong Choo, Han-Gon Ko, Sung-Yong Cho, Deog-Kyoon Jeong
Late Breaking News on PA's, DC-DC Converters and SAR ADCs Session
A Delay Spread Canceling Waveform Characterizer for RF Power Amplifiers
Maikel Huiskamp, Anne-Johan Annema, Bram Nauta
A 20-to-100 kS/s Sub-µW 9.5-ENOB Asynchronous SAR ADC for Energy-Harvesting Body Sensor Node SoCs in 0.18-µm CMOS
Young-Ha Hwang, Jun-Eun Park, Yoonho Song, Deog-Kyoon Jeong
PA G.1
CAS-T: Digital Circuits
An Efficient Component for Designing Signed Reverse Converters for a Class of RNS Moduli Sets of Composite Form {2^k, 2^P-1}
Leonel Sousa, Azadeh Alsadat Emrani Zarandi, Amir Sabbagh Molahosseini, Mehdi Hosseinzadeh
A Reduced-Bias Approach with a Lightweight Hard- Multiple Generator to Design Radix-8 Modulo 2n+1 Multiplier
Leonel Sousa, Seyed Mostafa Mirhosseini, Amir Sabbagh Molahosseini, Mehdi Hosseinzadeh, Paulo Martins
Optimum NMOS/PMOS Imbalance for Energy Efficient Digital Circuits
Francisco Veirano, Fernando Silveira, Lirida Naviner
SRAM Operational Mismatch Corner Model for Efficient Circuit Design and Yield
Tae Hoon Choi, Hanwool Jeong, Younghwi Yang, Juhyun Park, Seong-Ook Jung
A 4-Transistor NMOS-Only Logic Compatible Gain-Cell Embedded DRAM with Over 1.6ms Retention Time at 700mV in 28 nm FD-SOI
Robert Giterman, Adam Teman, Andreas Burg, Alexander Fish
Design of Efficient Digital Systems
Buffered-Interconnect Performance and Power Dissipation in 3D ICs with Temperature Profile
Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske, Satya Keerthi Vendra
Contention-Free High-Speed Clock-Gate Based on Set/Reset Latch for Wide Voltage Scaling
Min-Su Kim, Ah-Reum Kim, Yong-Geol Kim, Chung-Hee Kim, Dong-Yeop Kim, Jong-Woo Kim, Dae-Seong Lee, Hyun Lee, Jungyul Pyo, Youngmin Shin, Jae Cheol Son
A Scalable Fully Synthesized Phase-to-Digital Converter for Phase and Duty-Cycle Measurement of High- Speed Clocks
Nico Angeli, Klaus Hofmann
Fully Synthesizable, Rail-to-Rail Dynamic Voltage Comparator for Operation Down to 0.3V
Orazio Aiello, Paolo Crovetti, Massimo Alioto
High Total-Ionizing-Dose Tolerance Field Programmable Gate Array
Minoru Watanabe, Takumi Fujimori
Systems on Chips
A 2-GHz Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer Based on LUT and Rotation
Yixiong Yang, Zhibo Wang, Pei Yang, Meng-Fan Chang, Mon-Shu Ho, Huazhong Yang, Yongpan Liu
High Swing Pulse-Amplitude Modulation of Transmission Line Links for on-Chip Communication
Richard Afoakwa, Lejie Lu, Yong Wang, Hui Wu, Michael Huang
Synergistic Calibration of Noisy Thermal Sensors Using Smoothing Filter-Based Kalman Predictor
Xin Li, Xingtao Ou, Henglu Wei, Wei Zhou
A Cost-Effective Self-Healing Approach for Reliable Hardware Systems
Kasem Khalil, Omar Eldash, Magdy Bayoumi, Bappaditya Dey
A Functionality-Based Runtime Relocation System for Circuits on Heterogeneous FPGAs
Godwin Enemali, Adewale Adetomi, Tughrul Arslan
Networks on Chips
Software-Defined Networking Architecture for NoCBased Many-Cores
Fernando Moraes, Marcelo Ruaro, Henrique Medina, Alexandre Amory
Thermal-Aware Placement and Routing for 3D Optical Networks-on-Chips
Sheqin Dong, Fengxian Jiao, Bei Yu, Bing Li, Ulf Schlichtmann
Workload-Aware Routing (WAR) for Network-on- Chip Lifetime Improvement
Scott Lerner, Vasil Pano, Isikcan Yilmaz, Michael Lui, Baris Taskin
A Utilization Aware Robust Channel Access Mechanism for Wireless NoCs
Sujay Deb, Sri Harsha Gade, Sidhartha Sankar Rout, Mitali Sinha, Hemanta Kumar Mondal, Wazir Singh
A 974GOPS/W Multi-Level Parallel Architecture for Binary Weight Network Acceleration
Rongdi Sun, Peilin Liu, Cecil Accetti, Abid Naqvi, Haroon Ahmed, Jiuchao Qian
PA 1.1
Memory Circuits - I
Challenges and Opportunities on the Road to Achieving 10x Effective Processing Rate on Stored Data
Pankaj Mehra
Layer-by-Layer Adaptively Optimized ECC of NAND Flash-Based SSD Storing Convolutional Neural Network Weight for Scene Recognition
Keita Mizushina, Toshiki Nakamura, Yoshiaki Deguchi, Ken Takeuchi
20% System-Performance Gain of 3D Charge-Trap TLC NAND Flash Over 2D Floating-Gate MLC NAND Flash for SCM/NAND Flash Hybrid SSD
Mamoru Fukuchi, Yukiya Sakaki, Chihiro Matsui, Ken Takeuchi
NIZCache: Energy-Efficient Non-Uniform Cache Architecture for Chip-Multiprocessors Based on Invalid and Zero Lines
Pooneh Safayenikoo, Arghavan Asad, Mahmood Fathy, Farah Mohammadi
Low Cost Ternary Content Addressable Memory Using Adaptive Matchline Discharging Scheme
Kyeongho Lee, Woong Choi, Jongsun Park
Spintronic Memory Circuits
Design and Data Management for Magnetic Racetrack Memory
Hai Li, Bing Li, Fan Chen, Wang Kang, Weisheng Zhao, Yiran Chen
STT-MRAM and its Application: NV-Logic from NVMPU/ MCU to NV-AI VLSIs
Tetsuo Endoh, Takahiro Hanyu, Hideo Ohno
All-Carbon Spin Logic Sensor for RRAM Arrays
Steve Heinrich-Barna, Jean-Pierre Leburton, Joseph Friedman
Progresses and Challenges of Spin Orbit Torque Driven Magnetization Switching and Application
Zhaohao Wang, Zuwei Li, Yang Liu, Simin Li, Liang Chang, Wang Kang, Youguang Zhang, Weisheng Zhao
Circuit-Level Evaluation of the Generation of Truly Random Bits with Superparamagnetic Tunnel Junctions
Damien Querlioz, Damir Vodenicarevic, Nicolas Locatelli, Alice Mizrahi, Tifenn Hirtzlin, Joseph Friedman, Julie Grollier
Characterization of Memories
Characterization of an Associative Memory Chip in 28 nm CMOS Technology
A. Annovi, G. Calderini, S. Capra, B. Checcucci, F. Crescioli, F. De Canio, G. Fedi, L. Frontini, M. Garci, C. Gentsos, T. Kubota, V. Liberali, F. Palla, J. Shojaii, C. L. Sotiropoulou, A. Stabile, G. Traversi, S. Viret
Design and Characterization of New Content Addressable Memory Cells
Valentino Liberali, Alberto Annovi, Luca Frontini, Alberto Stabile
Benchmarking Analogue Performance of Emerging Random Access Memory Technologies
Spyros Stathopoulos, Ali Khiat, Alexantrou Serb, Themis Prodromakis
The Role of Memories in Transprecision Computing
Norbert Wehn, Christian Weis, Matthias Jung, Éder Zulian, Chirag Sudarshan, Deepak M. Mathew
Ultra-Low Standby Power SRAM with Adaptive Data- Retention-Voltage-Regulating Scheme
Chung-Han Wu, Chi-Ray Huang, Kuan-Lin Wu, Lih-Yih Chiou
Memory Circuits - II
Energy-Efficient Deep in-Memory Architecture for NAND Flash Memories
Naresh Shanbhag, Sujan Gonugondla, Mingu Kang, Yongjune Kim, Mark Helm, Sean Eilert
Self-Timed Shaper Circuit for Wide Memories in Advanced CMOS Technologies
Vivek Nautiyal, Gaurav Singla, Sagar Dwivedi, Satinderjit Singh, Ingming Chang, Jitendra Dasani, Fakhruddin Ali Bohra
A Platform for Analyzing DDR3 and DDR4 DRAMs
Matthias Jung, Deepak M. Mathew, Carl C. Rheinländer, Christian Weis, Norbert Wehn
A Single-Reference Parasitic-Matching Sensing Circuit for 3-D Cross Point PCM
Yu Lei, Houpeng Chen, Qian Wang, Xi Li, Xiaoyun Li, Zhitang Song
Combinational Access Tunnel FET SRAM for Ultra- Low Power Applications
Libo Yang, Jiadi Zhu, Cheng Chen, Zhixuan Wang, Zexue Liu, Qianqian Huang, Le Ye, Ru Huang
PA 1.2
CAS-T: EDA: Simulation & Modeling
Thermal Modeling and Validation of a Real-World Mobile AP
Sung Woo Chung, Young-Ho Gong, Jae Jeong Yoo
Reliability in Super- and Near-Threshold Computing: a Unified Model of RTN, BTI and PV
Victor van Santen, Javier Martin-Martinez, Hussam Amrouch, Montserrat Nafria, Jörg Henkel
Compiler-Guided Parallelism Adaption Based on Application Partition for Power-Gated ILP Processor
Yung-Cheng Ma, Yufeng Tong, Wei Zhang, Yanyan Liu, Yu Liang, Tai Zhang, Haowen Luo
Multi-Path Ageing Sensor for Cost-Efficient Delay Fault Prediction
Mark Zwolinski, Gaole Sai, Basel Halak
High-Throughput Ring-LWE Cryptoprocessors
Claudia Renteria
EDA Methodologies for Mixed-signal Circuits & Heterogeneous Systems
Open Source Hardware and EDA Tools for Analog/Mixed-Signal Design and Prototyping
Marie-Minerve Louërat, Naohiko Shimizu, Junichi Akita, Haralampos-G. Stratigopoulos, Jean-Paul Chaput, Dimitri Galayko
Mixed-Signal Test Automation: Are We There Yet?
Manuel Barragan, Gildas Leger
Virtual Electronic Control Unit As a Functional Mockup Unit for Heterogeneous Systems
Mona Safar, Keroles Khalil, Magdy A. El-Moursy, Mohamed Abdelsalam
High Order MEMS Models for System Design
Joan Asselot, Arnaud Krust, Arnaud Parent, Chris Welham
SystemC AMS Based Frameworks for Virtual Prototyping of Heterogeneous Systems
François Pêcheux, Christoph Grimm, Torsten Maehne, Martin Barnasconi, Karsten Einwich
Modeling & Design Tools I
Highly Efficient Environment for FMCW Radar Phase Noise Simulations in IF Domain
Michael Gerstmair, Alexander Melzer, Alexander Onic, Rainer Stuhlberger, Mario Huemer
Fast Performance Evaluation for Analog Circuit Synthesis Frameworks
Zhenxin Zhao, Tuotian Liao, Lihong Zhang
Electromigration and Parasitic-Aware ILP Router for Analog and RF Circuits
Mohammad Torabi, Lihong Zhang
Using Modified Bessel Functions for Calculations of Drain Current Harmonics in a MOS Transistor Operating in Moderate Inversion
Igor Filanovsky, Luis Bica Oliveira, Nikolay Tchamov
Time-Domain Analysis of Optimum Bias Point in Inverse Class-F Power Amplifiers
Nathan Neihart, Yifei Li
Modeling & Design Tools II
A New Figure of Merit Equation for Analog-to-Digital Converters in CMOS Image Sensors
Minho Kwon, Boris Murmann
Concurrent Sampling with Local Digitization - an Alternative to Analog Test Bus
Nanqi Liu, Shravan Kumar Chaganti, Zhiqiang Liu, Degang Chen, Amitava Majumdar
Embedding MATLAB Optimizers in SIMSIDES for the High-Level Design of S? Modulators
José M. de la Rosa, Beatriz Cortés-Delgadillo, Pablo A. Rodríguez-Navas, Ilich Guerrero-Linares
Layout-Dependent Effects Aware gm/ID-Based Many-Objective Sizing Optimization for Analog Integrated Circuits
Tuotian Liao, Lihong Zhang
Analysis of the Influence of Component Mismatch on Integrated Passive Polyphase Filters
Antonio Dionisio Martínez-Pérez, Francisco Aznar, Guillermo Royo, Carlos Sánchez-Azqueta, Santiago Celma
PA 1.3
Near-sensor Computing
Heterogeneous and Inexact: Maximizing Power Efficiency of Edge Computing Sensors for Health Monitoring Applications
Soumya Basu, Loris Duch, Miguel Peón-Quirós, David Atienza, Giovanni Ansaloni, Laura Pozzi
A Heterogeneous Cluster with Reconfigurable Accelerator for Energy Efficient Near-Sensor Data Analytics
Satyajit Das, Kevin Martin, Philippe Coussy, Davide Rossi
Hardware Platform of Analog-to-Information Converter Using Non Uniform Wavelet Bandpass Sampling for RF Signal Activity Detection
Michaël Pelissier, Gilles Masson, Laurent Ouvry, Luis Felipe Fonseca Dias, Marguerite Marnat
Computing in the Fog with Reconfigurable Gateways
Pascal Benoit, Johan Laurent, Loic Dalmasso, Thierry Gil
Low-Latency Image Acquisition and Processing with a Programmable Vision-System-on-Chip
Jens Döge, Christoph Hoppe, Andreas Reichel, Peter Reichel, Holger Priwitzer
Power Solutions for Distributed IoT Devices: IC Designs
Electromagnetic Energy Harvester Interface Design for Wearable Applications
Ping-Hsuan Hsieh, Shih-Wei Wang, Yi-Wen Ke, Po-Chiun Huang
A 0.25µm HV-CMOS Synchronous Inversion and Charge Extraction (SICE) Interface Circuit for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
Kai-Ren Cheng, Hsin-Shu Chen, Mickaël Lallart, Wen-Jong Wu
A Low-Power High-PSRR CMOS Voltage Reference with Active-Feedback Frequency Compensation for IoT Applications
Linjun He, Lidan Wang, Chenchang Zhan, Guanhua Wang, Yang Liu, Guofeng Li
A 70-nA 13-ppm/C° All-MOSFET Voltage Reference for Low-Power IoT Systems
Jianping Guo, Weimin Li, Yicheng Li, Siji Huang, Zhao Wang, Dihu Chen
A Single-Stage Current-Mode Active Rectifier with Accurate Output-Current Regulation for IoT
Yan Lu, Fangyu Mao, Jie Lin, Chenchang Zhan, Seng-Pan U, Rui Paulo Martins
Power Solutions for Distributed IoT Devices: System Designs
Vibration and Thermal Energy Harvesting System for Automobiles with Impedance Matching and Wake-Up
Junrui Liang, Ji Hoon Hyun, Long Huang, Dong Sam Ha
A Wireless Sensor Node Driving System with Bridgeless Bipolar Boost Rectifier Using Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
Keita Taeda, Keisuke Kimura, Shohei Niikawa, Hirotaka Koizumi
Short Circuit Synchronous Electric Charge Extraction (SC-SECE) Strategy for Wideband Vibration Energy Harvesting
Adrien Morel, Pierre Gasnier, Yohan Wanderoild, Gaël Pillonnet, Adrien Badel
Phase-Variable Control of Parallel Synchronized Triple Bias-Flips Interface Circuit Towards Broadband Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
Junrui Liang, Bao Zhao, Kang Zhao
Cross-layer Optimization of Circuits & Systems for Energyefficient, Functional-safe & Secure
Technology Enabling Circuits and Systems for the Internet-of-Things: an Overview
Amr Abuellil, Johan Jair Estrada-López, Alfredo Costilla-Reyes, Edgar Sánchez-Sinencio
Securing IoT Monitoring Device Using PUF and Physical Layer Authentication
Yue Zheng, Sumedh Dhabu, Chip Hong Chang
A Smart Sensing Node for Pervasive Water Quality Monitoring with Anti-Fouling Self-Diagnostics
Marco Carminati, Lorenzo Mezzera, Giorgio Ferrari, Marco Sampietro, Andrea Turolla, Michele Di Mauro, Manuela Antonelli
Sub-mW Multi-Gbps Chip-to-Chip Communication Links for Ultra-Low Power IoT End-Nodes
Martino Dazzi, Pierpaolo Palestri, Davide Rossi, Andrea Bandiziol, Igor Loi, David Bellasi, Luca Benini
Inexact Arithmetic Circuits for Energy Efficient IoT Sensors Data Processing
Mario Osta, Ali Ibrahim, Hussein Chible, Maurizio Valle
PA 1.4
Wearable Microelectronic Circuits & Systems
A Sub-1V, 220 µW Receiver Frontend for Wearable Wireless Sensor Network Applications
Ehsan Kargaran, Danilo Manstretta, Rinaldo Castello
A 0.4 V 6.4 µW 3.3 MHz CMOS Bootstrapped Relaxation Oscillator with ±0.71% Frequency Deviation Over -30 to 100 °C for Wearable and Sensing Applications
Ka Meng Lei, Pui-In Mak, Rui Paulo Martins
Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converter for Miniaturised Wearable Systems
Kaung Oo Htet, Hua Fan, Hadi Heidari
Reconfigurable Low-Noise Multichannel Amplifier for Neurochemical Recording
Nishanth Kulasekeram, Krzysztof Wildner, Khalid Mirza, Konstantin Nikolic, Chris Toumazou
CMOS Rectifier with on-Chip Transformer-Coupled Tunable Matching Network for Biomedical Implants
Ziyu Wang, Shahriar Mirabbasi
Biomedical Sensing Instrumentation Circuits & Systems
A Capacitance-to-Digits Readout Circuit for Integrated Humidity Sensors for Monitoring the in- Package Humidity of Ultra-Small Medical Implants
Ya Wen, Andreas Demosthenous, Nick Donaldson, Xiao Liu
A Sinusoidal Signal Generator Using a Constant Gain Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter for Electrical Bioimpedance Spectroscopy
Soon-Jae Kweon, Sung-Hun Jo, Ji-Hoon Suh, Minkyu Je, Hyung-Joun Yoo
The EcoChip: a Wireless Multi-Sensor Platform for Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring
Benoit Gosselin, Matthieu Sylvain, Francis Lehoux, Steeve Morency, Félix Faucher, Éric Bharucha, Denise Tremblay, Frédéric Raymond, Sylvain Moineau, Michel Allard, Jacques Corbeil, Younès Messaddeq
Comparison Study of Integrated Potentiostats: Resistive-TIA, Capacitive-TIA, CT S? Modulator
Mahdi Rajabzadeh, Denis Djekic, Matthias Haeberle, Joachim Becker, Jens Anders, Maurits Ortmanns
A 30 GHz Power Detector Based Reflectometer in 130nm SiGe BiCMOS for Dielectric Spectroscopy
Rahul Kumar Yadav, Jan Wessel, Mohamed HusseinEissa, Farabi Ibne Jamal, Maciej Kucharski, Dietmar Kissinger
Advances in Sensing and Embedded Computing for Personalized Wireless Healthcare Systems
A Portable Low-Power Platform for Ambulatory Closed Loop Control of Blood Glucose in Type 1 Diabetes
Pantelis Georgiou, Mohamed El-Sharkawy, John Daniels, Peter Pesl, Monika Reddy, Nick Oliver, Pau Herrero
Design and Implementation of a Smart Headband for Epileptic Seizure Detection and its Verification Using Clinical Database
Shih-Kai Lin, Isti Qomah, Yu-Shan Lin, Herming Chiueh, Chin-Yew Lin
E-Glass: a Wearable System for Real-Time Detection of Epileptic Seizures
Dionisije Sopic, Amir Aminifar, David Atienza
UWB Tracking for Home Care Systems with Off-the- Shelf Components
Edoardo Bonizzoni, Alessandro Puiatti, Stefano Sapienza, Paolo Motto Ros, Danilo Demarchi, Paolo Bonato
IoT for Telemedicine Practices Enabled by an Android™ Application with Cloud System Integration
Sandro Carrara, Francesca Stradolini, Nadia Tamburrano, Thiébaud Modoux, Abuduwaili Tuoheti, Danilo Demarchi
Sensor Interface Circuits
A Ku-Band FMCW Radar on Chip for Wireless Micro Physiological Signal Monitoring by Interferometry Phase Analysis
Zhongyuan Fang, Liheng Lou, Chuanshi Yang, Kai Tang, Yuanjin Zheng
Ultra-Low Power Wide-Dynamic-Range Universal Interface for Capacitive and Resistive Sensors
Mohammad Mehdi Moayer, Jarno Salomaa, Mika Pulkkinen, Kari Halonen
The Capacitively Coupled Chopper Stabilized Amplifier with a DTPA Based Demodulator
Ashish Joshi, Hitesh Shrimali, Satinder Sharma
Ultra Low Voltage Gate Driven Bandpass PGA with Constant Bandwidth
Jaime Ramírez-Angulo, Shirin Pourashraf, Alejandro Díaz-Sánchez
An Accurate dB-Linear Programmable-Gain Amplifier with Temperature-Robust Characteristic
Weiping Wu, Lei Zhang, Li Zhang, Yan Wang, Zhiping Yu
PA 2.2
Analog Filters
A 1.5 V 5.2 nW 60 dB-DR Lowpass Filter with Self- Compansated Gain in 0.35 µm CMOS Suitable for Biomedical Applications
Surachoke Thanapithak, Chutham Sawigun
0.18µm CMOS Widely Tunable Low Pass Filter with Sub-Hz Cutoff Frequencies
Jorge Pérez-Bailón, Alejandro Márquez, Belén Calvo, Nicolás Medrano
A Low-Power Complex Bandpass Gm-C Filter with Dynamic Range Expansion Through Adaptive Biasing
Marvin Onabajo, Mahmoud Ibrahim
An Anti-Aliasing Filter with a Programmable Bandwidth of 10-500MHz for Supply Modulator
Jiawen Hu, Chen Liu
High Stability Gain Structure and Filter Realization with Less Than 50 ppm/ C Temperature Variation with Ultra-Low Power Consumption Using Switched-Capacitor and Sub-Threshold Biasing
Aatmesh Shrivastava, Nikita Mirchandani
Modular Arithmetic based Circuits & Systems for Emerging Technologies & Applications: Deep Neural Networks & Cryptography
Historical Patterns of Emerging Residue Number System Technologies During the Evolution of Computer Engineering and Digital Signal Processing
William Jenkins, Michael Soderstrand, Chandra Radhakrishnan
RNS Hardware Matrix Multiplier for High Precision Neural Network Acceleration
Eric Olsen
Towards Efficient Modular Adders Based on Reversible Circuits
Leonel Sousa, mir Sabbagh Molahosseini, Ailin Asadpoor, Azadeh Alsadat Emrani Zarandi
A High-Speed Low-Power Deep Neural Network on an FPGA Based on the Nested RNS: Applied to an Object Detector
Hiroki Nakahara, Tsutomu Sasao
Arithmetic Circuits & Systems I
An Efficient Single Core Flexible Processor Architecture for 4096-Bit Montgomery Modular Multiplication and Exponentiation
Leonardo Londero de Oliveira, Eduardo Capellari Culau, Grégory Calegari Marchesan, Nelson Roberto Weirich Junior
On the Use of Approximate Multipliers in LMS Adaptive Filters
Darjn Esposito, Gennaro Di Meo, Davide De Caro, Nicola Petra, Ettore Napoli, Antonio Strollo
A Novel Approach for Fast and Accurate Mean Error Distance Computation in Approximate Adders
Avishek Sinha Roy, Anindya Sundar Dhar
High-Precision Stochastic State-Space Digital Filters Based on Minimum Roundoff Noise Structure
Shunsuke Koshita, Naoya Onizawa, Masahide Abe, Takahiro Hanyu, Masayuki Kawamata
Prefix Sequence: Optimization of Parallel Prefix Adders Using Simulated Annealing
Mineo Kaneko, Tatayuki Moto
Arithmetic Circuits & Systems II
An 826 MOPS, 210 uW/MHz Unum ALU in 65 nm
Florian Glaser, Stefan Mach, Abbas Rahimi, Frank Kagan Gürkaynak, Qiuting Huang, Luca Benini
Architecture Generator for Type-3 Unum Posit Adder/Subtractor
Manish Kumar Jaiswal, Hayden K.-H. So
Optimal Constant Multiplication Using Integer Linear Programming
Martin Kumm
Probabilistic Error Modeling for Two-Part Segmented Approximate Adders
Celia Dharmaraj, Vinita Vasudevan, Nitin Chandrachoodan
Low-Power Addition with Borrow-Save Adders Under Threshold Voltage Variability
Kleanthis Papachatzopoulos, Vassilis Paliouras
PA 2.3
Transmitter Circuits
A Fully Integrated Digitally Programmable Pulse Shaping 6.0-8.5 GHz UWB IR Transmitter Front-End for Energy Harvesting Applications
Tuomas Haapala, Kari Halonen
Low-Power Single-Stage Narrowband Transmitter Front-End for 433-MHz Band
Mika Pulkkinen, Jarno Salomaa, Kari Halonen
An Offset-Canceling Approximate-DFT Beamforming Architecture for Wireless Transceivers
Arjuna Madanayake, Haixiang Zhao, Soumyajit Mandal, Viduneth Ariyarathna, Renato Cintra
A Wideband Mixed-Signal Predistorter for Small-Cell Base Station Power Amplifiers
Venkata Narasimha Manyam, Dang-Kièn Germain Pham, Chadi Jabbour, Patricia Desgreys
High-Isolation Stacked RF Switch Using DC-Lift and Feedforward Cancellation Techniques in Standard 65 nm CMOS
Muh-Dey Wei, Renato Negra
CAS-T: RF Transceiver Circuits
A Modified All-Digital Polar PWM Transmitter
Ted Johansson, Muhammad Touqir Pasha, Muhammad Fahim Ul Haque, Jahanzeb Ahmad
A Nonlinear Switched State-Space Model for Capacitive RF DACs
Stefan Trampitsch, Jovan Markovic, Patrick Oßmann, Jonas Fritzin, Jan Zaleski, Christian Mayer, Michael Fulde, Harald Pretl, Andreas Springer, Mario Huemer
Digital Complex Delta-Sigma Modulators with Highly Configurable Notches for Multi-Standard Coexistence in Wireless Transmitters
Razvan-Cristian Marin, Antoine Frappé, Andreas Kaiser
A Pulse Frequency Modulation Interpretation of VCOs Enabling VCO-ADC Architectures with Extended Noise Shaping
Eric Gutierrez, Luis Hernandez, Fernando Cardes, Pieter Rombouts
1.5-3.3 GHz, 0.0077 mm², 7 mW All-Digital Delay- Locked Loop with Dead-Zone Free Phase Detector in 0.13 µm CMOS
Erkan Bayram, Ahmed Farouk Aref, Mohamed Saeed
Analog Integrated Circuit Techniques
Direct Measurement of High-Gain and Complementary Charge-Steering Amplifiers
Shiuh-Hua Wood Chiang, Nathan Whitehead, Yixin Song
CMOS Switched-Capacitor DSB-SSB Converter Using Hilbert Transformer
José Gabriel Gomes, Fábio Lacerda, Antonio Petraglia
Phase-Noise Reduction in a CMOS-MEMS Oscillator Under Nonlinear MEMS Operation
Arantxa Uranga, Guillermo Sobreviela, Martin Riverola, Francesc Torres, Nuria Barniol
System-Level Design of a 64-Channel Low Power Neural Spike Recording Sensor
Manuel Delgado-Restituto, Alberto Rodríguez-Pérez, Angela Darie, Ángel Rodríguez-Vázquez, Cristina Soto-Sánchez, Eduardo Fernández- Jover
Non-Inverting Class-AB CMOS Output Stage for Driving High-Capacitive Loads
Gianluca Giustolisi, Gaetano Palumbo
Other Topics in Mixed Signal Design
1.3A,-2V Tolerant Solenoid Drivers for Pedestrian Protection in Active Hood Lift Systems
Sri Navaneeth Easwaran, Robert Weigel
Parallel Pseudo-Exhaustive Testing of Array Multipliers with Data-Controlled Segmentation
Adeboye Stephen Oyeniran, Siavoosh Payandeh Azad, Raimund Ubar
MCU-Integrated PGA in 65nm CMOS with Sub-1% Gain Error, 180ns Acquisition Window, and Programmable Output Filter for Motor Control
Aniruddha Roy, Nitin Agarwal, Pavan Kulkarni, Poornima Boosi
A Wideband Envelope Detector with Low Ripple and High Detection Speed
Kuangyuan Ying, Hao Gao, Xiaowen Min, Dusan Milosevic, Peter G.M. Baltus
PA 2.4
High Speed ADCs
A 12-Bit 2.5 GHz 0.37ps-Peak-INL Digital-to-Time Converter with Parasitic-Insensitive Charge-Based Phase Interpolator
Haoyun Jiang, Zexue Liu, Xiucheng Hao, Zherui Zhang, Zhengkun Shen, Heyi Li, Junhua Liu, Huailin Liao
A 16 mW 250 ps Double-Hit-Resolution Input- Sampled Time-to-Digital Converter in 45nm CMOS
Sami Rehman, Mahdi Khafaji, Corrado Carta, Frank Ellinger
Analysis and Comparison of High-Resolution GS/s Samplers in Advanced BiCMOS and CMOS
Deeksha Lal, Ahmed M.A. Ali, David S. Ricketts
A Low-Power 12-Bit 2GS/s Time-Interleaved Pipelined-SAR ADC in 28nm CMOS Process
Xiao Wang, Xiao Wang, Chengwei Wang, Fule Li, Zhihua Wang
A 800 MS/s, 12-Bit, Ringamp-Based SAR Assisted Pipeline ADC with Gain Error Cancellation
Yuefeng Cao, Yongzhen Chen, Zhekan Ni, Fan Ye, Junyan Ren
Amplifiers for ADCs
An Energy-Efficient CMOS Biophotometry Sensor with Incremental DT-S? ADC Conversion
Mehdi Noormohammadi Khiarak, Kiyotaka Sasagawa, Takashi Tokuda, Jun Ohta, Sylvain Martel, Yves DeKoninck, Benoit Gosselin
A High Linearity, 2.8 GS/s, 10-Bit Accurate, Sample and Hold Amplifier in 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS
Ramy Tantawy, Vipul Patel, Dale Smith, Matthew Casto, Lucas Duncan, Brian Dupaix, Luciano Boglione, Joel Goodman, Waleed Khalil
An Operational Amplifier Assisted Input Buffer and an Improved Bootstrapped Switch for High-Speed and High-Resolution ADCs
Yuefeng Cao, Tianli Zhang, Yongzhen Chen, Fan Ye, Junyan Ren
Area-Efficient Switched-Capacitor Integrator with Flicker Noise Cancellation
Nikola Ivanisevic, Saul Rodriguez, Ana Rusu
Continuous and Discrete Time Low Voltage Analog Circuits in 16 nm CMOS Technology
Jaime Ramírez-Angulo, Shirin Pourashraf, Alejandra Díaz-Armendariz
Amplifiers I
Folded Cascode OTA with 5540 MHz·pF/mA FoM
M. Pilar Garde, Antonio Lopez-Martin, Ramón G. Carvajal, Jaime Ramírez-Angulo
A High Slew Rate CMOS OTA with Dynamic Current Boosting Paths
Meysam Akbari, Omid Hashemipour, Farshad Moradi
Settling-Time Oriented OTA Design Through the Approximation of the Ideal Delay
Gianluca Giustolisi, Gaetano Palumbo
A Ring Amplifier Architecture for Continuous-Time Applications
Amr Ahmed, Mohamed Aboudina, Faisal Hussien, Ahmed Mohieldin
Passive Compensation for Improved Settling and Large Signal Stabilization of Ring Amplifiers
Praveen Kumar Venkatachala, Spencer Leuenberger, Ahmed El Shater, Calvin Lee, Jason Muhlestein, Bohui Xiao, Michael Oatman, Un-Ku Moon
Amplifiers II
Enhancing the Stability of Broadband Amplifiers Using Third Order Nested Feedback
Sagar Ray, Asif Chowdhury, Mona Hella
Low-EVM CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier for Intermediate Frequency Over Fiber
Antonio Dionisio Martínez-Pérez, Guillermo Royo, Carlos Sánchez-Azqueta, Concepcion Aldea, Santiago Celma
On the Optimal Current Followers for Wide-Swing Current-Efficient Amplifiers
Antonio Lopez-Martin, M. Pilar Garde, Ramón G. Carvajal, Jaime Ramírez-Angulo
A 10-W, High Efficiency, Broadband Harmonically Tuned GaN-HEMT Power Amplifier
Ahmed Sayed, Hesham Ahmed
Research on a Novel Synthesizing Technology of Fast-Edge Pulse with Variable Amplitude
Zaiming Fu, Jun Liu, Zhixiang Zhang
VV G.7
Mini tutorials
On-Chip Epilepsy Detection: Where Machine Learning Meets Wearable, Patient-Specific Seizure Monitoring
Jerald Yoo